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Lust + Envy fanart

I've been giving my copic markers, and FMA a lot of love lately XD. So I drew these whilst watching my 2 new FMA DVDs~ (I desperately wanted vol. 9 T3T;.) Will I make a series of these? Prolly not, though I might draw Sloth and Greed or something, because I like them...?

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ENNNNNNVY! Yay! The best picture of Envy I've ever drawn...ever XD. Sorry theres still pencil lines, I lazily colored it :/. Annnnd, what would Envy be without crotch lines? XD;; His/her hair is such a pain Dx.

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LUST! Sorry that she doesn't have an eye, you can faintly see it through her hair, though o_o; This is probably the best picture of Lust I've done O: <3. Her hair turned out so good TwT ~

I really want to do a Sloth and Greed one...but I can't draw Greed D:. CURSE ME DRAWING SO MUCH MAHO SHOJO FANART RAAAARRRGH.
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