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I'm going to clear up a few things.

.edit. -sorry to anyone who say everything for a moment. I frigged up the tag @_@ really really sorry.

Everyone click this.

-Wrath is The Fuhrer. It was said in the manga and is absolutely 99.9% fact.

-There ARE people bringing people back from the dead and creating the hommonculus -that is Hohenheim, ED and Al's father. He is shown in the recent manga. He also created Greed, but Greed defied him and refused to follow Hohenheims plans. He then sends the sins after Greed, they finally subdue him and boils Greed in oil, and DRINKS him. Yes, drinks. Now, I'm going to back up for a second and just point out that here it says that Greed's punishment in hell is to be put in a cauldron of boiling oil. Coincidence? Can't be. I'm guessing that the only way to kill each sin is to give each their required 'punishment'.
As to explain why Hohenheim drinks Greed, it is possibly to gain power and knowledge. That is my guess, anyhow and all of this DID, as a fact, happen in the manga.

-It makes complete sense that Hohenheim would use Hughes as the remaining sin. The kid came back on it's own (not sure how exactly) and not by Hohenheims will like with the other sins, therefore he is NOT a sin. Hughes had a lot of pride, almost too much, which makes sense for him to be Pride, not to mention Frank Archers morbidly uncanny resemblance to our 'favorite character' (Hughes). Let's also note Armstrongs folded-in and low posture when he was on the train with Frank. It wasn't just the fact he was asking about the Elrics, it was BECAUSE of that resemblance.

In no way am I saying it is a FACT Hughes is pride, but this is what I see, IMO.

- I'm saying this in reference and response to this thread of conversation that me and arisato had.

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