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FMA Episodes to be Shown at Wizard World Philly

Hey guys. I have no idea how many of you folks will be heading down to Wizard World Comicon this year in Philly, but if you are Funimation will be showing the following episodes of FMA during the convention!

-Episode 50 will be shown on Saturday, June 3rd, at 5 PM (Room 102 A
-Episode 51 will be shown at 5.30 in the same room

That being said, hopefully some of you guys can make it. I'll be going to the con on Sunday. (I have to take SATs on Saturday and I'm an hour away from Philly.) If you see me there, feel free to poke me. I'll be hanging out with my father, one of my father's friends and my good friends Becca and Matt. (I'll be the girl with all the copies of Fables, Y: The Last Man, Runaways, Sandman and god knows what else trade paperbacks.)

Anyone know if any of the FMA VAs will be there? M'curious, since Funi is showing anime all weekend.
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