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Since I loooove to hear myself talk:

Interesting episode, despite the fact it was being a bad boy for giving us more mysteries than truths.

1) Mystery Boy:
Well, he's definitely a strange one. I almost want to think now that he's homunculus, but he uses alchemy...still, maybe his alchemy is like Envy's "alchemy". Though, I think when he merged with the bed, the bed actually was him. I am so utterly freaked out by him right now. @_@;

One thing that puzzled me, though...Edward saw him in the gate after he transmuted his mother...but the boy also watched them chase rats on the island, before they'd even trained with Izumi? I'm utterly confused now. Did he not have an arm and leg back then?

2) Ed & Al
Oh man. The scene with the soul alchemy tore me up something fierce. Ed was willing to give up his heart so that Al would come back. Strange to say, but what a relief just his arm was taken.

Now it all makes sense, how Edward was able to do soul alchemy after appearing to not ever research it. Still, what a painful scene to watch. T-T

The rest is a spoiler to the manga:
Maybe now that Izumi's questioned him and Edward retold his story, Al will remember the "truth" too! I can't wait for him to be just as cool as his older brother! (Not that he's not ubercool now, but...yanno.) *squees like the Al-fangirl she is* XDXD

3) Juliet / Sins
A new homunculus, eh? That, coupled with what Izumi's husband said, makes me wonder. What if Juliet really is connected somehow to Mama Elric?

I guess we need to start being wary of everyone in Central now, too, since Envy's gonna be there. The preview made it look like Greed will be too...looks like Central's gonna get a little more lively.

4) Scheska
Oh W00T. Go Scheska! You changed from a pretty silly little character to someone with some serious backbone! You're one of the only characters that has little to no problem with kicking Roy square in the teeth. And congrats for giving Roy the clues he needs to figure out what happened on his own! You majorly rock! XDXD

5) Frank Archer
I know I'm going to say something here that's gonna offend someone else, but yes, scrolling back in the history you'll find someone's manip of a screenshot of him that makes him look eerily like Hughes. I too felt that he looked familiar while watching the episode, but I thought of Kimblee. Anyway.

Despite popular hope, I desperately wish that he's not connected with Hughes in any way. Yeah, great, he'd be alive, but he's evil. He wouldn't be Hughes anymore if he was this freakish, war-mongering guy. Also, if he's come back, that means he's a homunculus...and that would mean that either he was always a homunculus or just became one. The former doesn't make sense, simply because of what he did and how he acted in the last episode he was in, and the latter makes less sense, because that'd mean that someone performed human alchemy on him.

Course, there's still that person that affixed Slicer and Barry to their armor and repaired Barry later on. Maybe he did something, if he did create the homunculus like we all believed way back when.

See? I've rambled, and now I'm going. @_@;;
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