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Oh my ROY!!!

This...was...just...too...damn...funny *gasps for air*

So I couldn't wait to see ep 13 and I was soooo not disappointed. First off, let me say I am a MAJOR Roy fangirl...he's an ass, he admits he's an ass, he doesn't care he's an ass...the only thing I find disturbing is that they are making him a little too cold in the anime (the manga shows that he has genuine concern for Al and Ed.

Okay...Ed imitating Roy was PRICELESS...right down to the snaping. Roy's 'huh?' face made me fall out of my chair...I can't wait for the icons

I guess they threw that flashback in there to tone down his cockiness.

BTW does anyone know if Roy is as 'girl-crazy' in the manga...I don't remember him being this bad...

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