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Title: Edward Elric’s Dirty Little Secret
Author: esteltinuviel, betas whatsername209 and l_frohock007
Pairing: EdxAl
Words: 2086
Genre: comedy one-shot, implied elricest
Rating: PG-13 for language and implied elricest
Spoilers: none
Other notes: this is just something funny I came up with

Edward Elric’s Dirty Little Secret

The leather fabric crinkled as Edward Elric slid on his jet black pants. They were tight against his legs, conforming perfectly to the contours of his muscular body.
“Why do you wear such tight pants, brother?” Alphonse Elric asked from where his armored form sat in a near by chair. He watched Ed get dressed in his customary pants and a black sleeveless shirt.
Ed blushed, whether from the question or the still unmentioned answer. “Well, I--” Ed didn’t know what to tell Al.
“They look uncomfortable,” hs brother said, innocently. Ed turned to face Al.
“Not really,” he told him. “They’re, uh, practical,” he decided.
Full of questions, Al continued. “Practical for what?”
Ed was getting slightly agitated by the persistent questions about his pants. “That’s none of your business. ” Ed jammed his leather shoes onto his feet, fiercely tying the laces. “I have a right to wear tight pants if I want!” he stood up. “I’m going. I’ll be back for dinner at six.” He picked up a black backpack, slinging it over his shoulder.
Al hated to be left alone without his brother. “Where are you going, Ed?”
Ed didn’t answer, instead he walked toward the door of their apartment, opening it. “Don’t follow me,” he commanded, leaving.
Al sighed; this was not the first time Ed had done this. Every Saturday he would put on his tight pants and a tank, grab that mysterious black bag, leave at 2 o’clock not telling Al where he was going or allowing his brother to tag along, and come home at six for dinner. Ed was always ravenous, or at least more so than usual, when he returned home. And he was exhausted; Ed would often collapse on the bed and fall asleep in his dirty clothes, his hair tangled in knots.
But Al wasn’t going to do this anymore. Ed had always told Al everything and for once he was keeping secrets. Al had to know what was up. What if brother was in trouble? How could Al help if he wasn’t there? Despite Ed’s warning, Al decided to follow him.

Ed walked down a narrow backstreets of Central. To the normal citizen, it would have seemed a health hazard to even step foot on the pavement of this particular street, yet Ed was no normal citizen. or rather, he did not have the common sense of a normal citizen. Anyhow, Ed chose to walk along this street, the only path he knew, so he might achieve his destination.

Al, only a few yards behind his brother, followed as silently as his metal body allowed. He thanked whatever god was up there that Ed was too absorbed in his own thoughts to hear the soft metal clinks of Al’s steps. He wondered where his brother could be going. It had be someplace secret, or else Ed wouldn’t be using this dingy street. Or what if it was illegal? Maybe Ed didn’t want the military to catch him. There were millions of possibilities for where Ed was going, s Al decided to just wait and find out.

Ed wove through the maze that was the familiar path to the destination. He had walked this route many Saturdays, eventually getting over the apparent filth of this part of town. The end justifies the means, Ed had thought, for once that statement is true. Scrape, scrape, the sound it made colliding with metal, grinding along the edge. He was close, now, and Ed’s ears pricked in anticipation. Ed rounded a corner, finally reaching his destination. He stopped and slid off his backpack, unzipping it and pulling out a thin, slender object. Ed threw the object down on the ground, hoping on it and gliding away.

Al watched from around the corner, careful to stay mostly invisible so Ed wouldn’t find out that he had been followed. Al was amazed at what he saw.

Ed’s powerful legs pumped up and down as he skated the half pipe. he pushed harder, the force propelling him up so he could grind along the edge of the rim. A quick jump and a flip of the skateboard later, Ed was back down again, pumping up and down the half pipe.
It was rhythmic, soothing almost. The exercise gave Ed a natural high, a feeling of empowerment. He could control the motions of the board with a slight turn of his ankles. He was in control.
Ed slowed down, coming to a stop and kicking his board up to rest in his hand with a stomp of his foot. He scanned the skate park. he had already done the half pipe and there were too many people in the drained swimming pool to skate there. Where to next? Ed’s gaze shifted over to the rails. The damn rails. They were the one feature in the park that Ed had not mastered, and it still bugged him. He gritted his teeth. I’ll conquer you today! Ed walked to the top of the incline that was the top of the rails that lined the descending steps into the park. They were fairly steep, and Ed, through previous attempts, that it was tricky and painful to maintain your balance while skating on the rails.
Ed jumped up, his skateboard diagonal to the rails and began to grind down them. He sped down them, miraculously keeping his balance. Near the end, Ed jumped off, grabbing the underside of his skateboard, landing with a flourish. “Yes!” Ed yelled in triumph. “I’ve finally beaten you, bastards!”

From his hiding place, Al sighed. It was just like Ed to yell at inanimate objects over trivial things in addition to having a foul mouth. “You’ll never change, will you brother?” Al whispered.

Ed, still elated from his recent “victory” over the stair rails, decided to go down again. This time, he picked up speed as he grinded, going a bit too fast for his liking. Trying to slow down, Ed leaned back a bit, creating more friction between the board and the metal rail. Bad move. Ed lost his balance and was sent tumbling backwards onto the stairs, momentum carrying him rolling down to lay in a heap at the bottom. “Dammit!” Ed cursed, massaging his head. There was going to be a definite bump come morning. How was he going to explain that one to Al?

Al silently cried out in pain for Ed. As much as Al wanted to go and help his brother, he knew it would only cause trouble if he revealed himself now. Ed was not a pleasant person when angry.

Ed got up from where he had fallen. Not only was he embarrassed that he had fallen on a move he had seemed to have mastered, but he was sure people had seen him mess up. Ed had too much pride.
“Hey, look at the shrimp. He’s so short he can’t skate!” some random punk called to Ed. Ed turned around, furious at that comment, to see two teenagers standing at the top of the incline. Both were tall, scruffy looking ne’er do wells.
“DON’T YOU CALL ME SHORT, SHRIMP, MIDGET, SMALL, TINY--!!!” Ed blew up at them. His rage only fueled their fire.
“Looks like we’ve found his sensitive spot!” the other one noted with a snicker.
“Yeah,” his partner agreed.
“What does size have to do with this anyway?!” Ed demanded.
The teenagers just laughed. “Everything.” Ed looked up just as the other demonstrated a perfect grind down the rails.
“See?” he said, alighting. The act only made Ed madder, and less inclined to rational thought.
“I’ll show you!” Ed vowed. “I bet I’m ten times better than you! No, a hundred times better!”
The punks were not accustomed to resistance, but they had ways of dealing with it. “Oh, yeah? Well, why don’t you show us?” One pushed ed on the shoulder. “Huh, huh?” He pushed him harder, pushing him down onto the concrete. “But you can’t can you? ‘Cause you’re so short!”
Ed tired to get up. “I told you--don’t--call--me--short!” Ed said through gritted teeth. He curled his gloved fists, ready to use them if necessary. It looked as if it was necessary.
“Gonna try and punch us, are you?” the punks asked. “Well, we’re not going to let you even try!” He raised his own fist, preparing to punch Ed.

“ED!!!” Al called to his brother, emerging from the shadows of the corner. Al could no longer sit and watch as his brother was about to get into a trouble. Al wasn’t going to let Ed get in a fight; he was going to prevent that fight.
Ed looked over to see Al’s armored form running towards him. “Al, what are you doing here?! I thought I told you not to follow me!” Ed didn’t have time to be embarrassed, so he got angry. Again.
“I know, but I didn’t want you to get hurt. Plus, it’s not fair for you to leave me out of things!” Al protested.
The punks looked at each other, then one said. “Lover’s quarrel?” Al turned his gaze on the punk, his steely eyes piercing.
“That’s--none--of--your--business,” he said, his voice menacing. “I’m his younger brother.”
“His youngerbrother?” the punks asked in unison, their voices incredulous.
Ed’s mouth twitched. “Got a problem with it?!”
“No, uh--” they tried to respond. Al was definitely an unprecedented factor, and his presence was certainly intimidating. The punks were just bullies, after all.
“I think they’ve got a problem with it, Al,” Ed commented.
“Me, too,” Al agreed. “Let’s get them, Ed!”
“Right!” Ed jumped on his skateboard and glided onto a ramp, setting at the top. Al grabbed the two punks with his massive metal arms, clunking their heads together with a thud. They fell to the ground, clutching their heads. Ed clapped his hands together, then placed them on the concrete ramp, transmuting it. The ramp rose higher and higher, towering hundreds of feet above the skate park. The wind rippled Ed’s hair as he stood atop the ramp. Adrenaline pulsed in his veins; Ed leaned forward,s dropping in to the decline of the ramp. He sped down the ramp with lighting speed, soaring up as it rounded out at the bottom, tilting up. He flew over the half pipe, eventually landing with a planned crash on top of the two punks.
“Ow...” one muttered before passing out like the other. Ed, unhurt, hopped off his skateboard.

“Way to go, Ed!” Al congratulated him. Ed smiled, high fiving his brother.
“Hey, thanks, Al! Let’s go!” he and Al began to leave the skate park.
“Why didn’t you tell me you skated?” Al asked. Now, Ed had time to be embarrassed. Al noticed. “Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed!”
“No!” Ed was stubborn. “I just, I didn’t think you would think it’s cool,” he sighed.
Al looked at him. “Why wouldn’t I think it’s cool?”
“Well, I don’t know! You tell me!”
“I don’t know either! So.. this is why you wear tight pants, to skate?”
Ed nodded. “Yep, you can’t skate in baggy pants.”
“But, then, why do you wear them all the time?”
“I--that’s besides the point!”
“You still haven’t answered my question, Ed,” Al pointed out. “Wait, you like wearing tight pants, don’t you?” Al found it highly amusing, much to Ed’s annoyance. Ed was unable to answer for fear of incriminating himself. Al mused, “What would you do if I told Colonel Mustang about all this?”
Ed stopped. “You wouldn’t, Al! Would you?” He would rather die than have Mustang have his hands on such information.
“What’s it to you?” Al knew exactly what he needed and how to get it.
Ed, unfortunately, did not realize the trap, even though he had seen Al use it against him before. Then again, Ed always fell for it. “All right, all right, I promise never to keep secrets again or go off without telling you where I’m going.”
Al was pleased. “Good, Ed. now, as long as you uphold that promise, Mustang never has to know that you love wearing tight pants and skateboarding.” Al punched Ed lightly on the arm. “That’s our secret.”
“Right, Al,” his brother replied. “Come on, let’s go home. I’m starving...” Ed ran on ahead.
“You still haven’t changed,” Al noted before running after Ed. “Not at all.”

Title: Stay with You
Author: esteltinuviel, betas whatshername209 and l_frohock007
Pairing: EdxAl
Words: 958
Genre: songfic, romance one-shot
Rating: PG-13 for sexuality
Spoilers: none, but Al has his body back (not from something from movie or series)
Other notes: songfic to “Stay with You” by the Goo Goo Dolls

Stay With You

These streets
Turn me inside out
Everything shines
But leaves me empty still

Edward Elric stood outside his house, or what had once been his house. Flames consumed the wood, charring it, decomposing it into ashes which would scatter in the wind, leaving only memories. Smoke rose from the two story structure, permeating the air and filling Ed’s nostrils. If only Al could smell it, Ed thought as he watched.

And I'll, burn this lonely house down

Alphonse Elric stood beside him, or most of Alphonse. He was just a suit of armor with a soul attached by a seal made of blood. Ed’s blood. That was what it had cost just to have a semblance of Al back. But it was Al, the part that mattered. Yet, Ed had vowed, clutching his own metal limbs, he would get Al his original body back.

Ed turned his back on the burning house. he had set fire to it, to erase all signs of their deed. The memories still remained, and that was all they needed to remind them of what they did. Memories were all one really needed. That was what kept Ed company, the memories of a tangible Al. An Al that could feel Ed, not just see and hear him. And Al with skin, soft skin...

“You don’t have to come with me, Al,” Ed reminded him. The path he had chosen would be hard.

“I know,” Al repeated. He knew the danger and he was willing to face it. He would face anything with Ed. ‘But I want to come with you.”

If you run with me
If you run with me

Ed swallowed. He had done all of this for Al and he would do more for Al, all for his sake.
“Then let’s get going.” All for Al, that’s what Ed reminded himself always.

I'll stay with you
The walls will fall before we do
Take my hand now
We'll run forever
I can feel the storm inside you
I'll stay with you

Lightning illuminated the sky followed by booms and crashes of thunder. Rain lashed against the window glass, coming in heavy, fierce droplets. Lightning flashed again, shedding light on the dark bedroom. The bed lay against one side of the wall, just under the window. The sheets were tangled around two forms.

Edward pulled away. It wasn’t right. it was never right. It would never be right, no matter how much he hoped, wished, prayed, that it might be right. it was wrong. Wrong.

Fooled by my own desires

It was a sin. A sin against nature, God. Al. It was a sin against Al. What kind of sick, selfish brother was Ed to do this.

‘I’m sorry, Al. This is wrong!”

And yet...

I twist my fate
Just to feel you

Ed couldn’t bear to be apart from him. he needed to be close. “Al, make me stop!”

But you, turn me toward the light

Al wouldn’t hear it. He had already made up his mind. He had made it up years ago, when he and Ed had burned down their house. There was no going back. They had decided that, together. We can never go back. Who cares what’s wrong and right? Does it really matter? Does one more sin matter if you’ve already committed the greatest one? They were already sinners. They would always be sinners. But none of it mattered...

He pressed his face closer to his, willing them to be closer. “I don’t care, Ed, if it’s wrong or right. As long as you...”

And you're one with me

“Promise?” Al asked, his breath constricted.

“Promise...” Ed replied before sealing away all conversation. They no longer needed any conversation to express what transpired.

Will you run with me?

I'll stay with you
The walls will fall before we do
Take my hand now
We'll run forever
I can feel the storm inside you
I'll stay with you

His body was warm against the other’s skin. Skin... soft, tangible skin. Something often taken for granted, yet something so precious.

Now come in from this storm

“Ed...” Al breathed in his ear, his breath moist.

I taste you sweet and warm

“Don’t,” Ed replied, taking in that breath.

Take what you need

I have all that I need, all that I’ll ever need, now that...
Take what you need

you’re all that I need, all that I want, now that this...

From me

Wake up this world
Wake up tonight
And run with me
Run to me now

“Ed?” Al asked, cradled against his side underneath the sheets.

“Al?” his brother said, looking into the eyes opposite him.

“Look,” Al pointed outside to the window, to the sunrise. Such a beautiful sunrise to come out of a stormy night. Indeed, most beautiful things in life do arise from the most hideous of things. Even love...

Ed sought Al’s hand, looking for it’s warmth. He clasped it, entwining his own fingers with Al’s. Their eyes traced the outline.

“I’ll,” Ed began. Al drew closer to Ed, his hair tickling Ed’s bare skin.

“Stay with you...” Al murmured. No matter what happened, no matter what life or God threw at them, they would face it. Together, like always. United. They would stay together through it all.

“Stay with you.”

I'll stay with you
The walls will fall before we do
Take my hand now
We'll run forever
I can feel the storm inside you
I'll stay with you
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