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FMA Cosplay: Sakura-Con 2004

A week or so ago, I mention that a large group of my friends and I were cosplaying FMA at Sakura-Con. The sewing machine actually broke, so not all of the costuming was completed (hence the lack of enough complete jackets), but I thought some of you might be interested in pictures, so here we go:

Fansview.com has three pages of us on stage. We were going to do a skit, but something went wrong with the CD (our audio was pre-recorded) and so it sort of... died. Hence why I look baffled and not as awesome as Envy should look. Page 2, 3
Our personal pictures taken by gadget13

Also, while I'm posting... there's a possibility that some of my friends and I might be doing another Con this year, but we'd be only bringing about 7 people. Who do you think would be the most important characters to have represented (creating new costumes is no problem)?

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