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O_O ED THE DEMOCRAT! *le gaspee!*

*morphs from the shadows*
Hi! I'm a lurker ^___^; Just thought of something...

I know there are more than just Americans here...but I had this thought about the colors of the American political parties...might've been discussed already during the whole FMA Campaign thread, don't know...but Dems. are red and generally are for the people....and the Repubs. are blue...and generally involve high government interference (or so it used to be like this in like the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century)...Roy=Blue...Ed=Red

XDDDDDDD;; Sorry I just find that amusing!
*imagines Ed at a politcal rally, leading the
IMAGINES ED and Roy in a political debate...and Ed attacking him, shreds of clothes flying, the platform on fire, .....holes being stabbed in the podiums, them bashing each other in the head with microphone*
Roy: Shorty...
Ed: *swings microphone*
Roy: *clunk* >_O!

XDDD;; sorry o-o I find that amusing...I'll go away now...*turns back into a shadow in the corner*

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