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Ep 29...


Okay. So from what I gather, the odd kid was one of the little black creatures at the gate. It picked up Ed's arm and leg, along with more flesh from somewhere else(may be Al's body, or may have something to do with Izumi since she went to the island to check something, and the kid was found there), was able to make itself a body and enter the world?

So that one ain't an homonculus apparently. Not very good...it was with the truth and can do freaky alchemy, so it's gonna be way bad when it meets up with the sins. >_<

So I guess the theory of Ed not getting back his limbs stands? Unless he makes new ones, but he'd need to take the flesh from somewhere or something.

Frank is trouble. Armstrong no likey him. Armstrong smart.

Errr, did the weird creature thing watching them have a tail? *blinks*

I'm tired and confused, happy at getting more FMA, sad for Ed(geez, angst is his way of life), and impatient for more. *dies*

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