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Short Fic, PG gen

Written in ten minutes... what's with me and sudden inspiration?
Set in the future, most probably AU because I don't think things are going to be that way.
pg for language...
Ed-sized spoilers for episode 16 =P


I met you on the worst day of my life.

Well, maybe I shouldn't say "met" because I didn't acknowledge your presence in any way. You'll have to excuse me, but to stop thinking about anything but the pain was hard enough.

But I heard you.

You didn't waste time being polite. You just introduced yourself and went straight to the point. And then you left.

I didn't even know how you looked like, but you gave me a reason to endure the pain. You gave me something different than my mistakes to think about. You gave me a goal.

I still don't know what I would have done otherwise.

I met you, this time for real, a year after that.

This time I realized you were a manipulative bastard.

Yes, yes. I know you had your reasons. I share most of them now.

Except the miniskirts thing. I would have a wrench and a gun pointed to my head if I ever said a word about it.

Even so, you still are a manipulative bastard.

Don't deny it. Havoc told me you left him very precise instructions about what letters deliver to whom and what annoying general just had to have a small delay so he wouldn't be able to assist the funeral.

Not that I'm complaining. I hate hypocrites.

Still, I must admit the military is a little better than it was when I became a State Alchemist.

Ok. A lot better. You did a good job.

Ha, I can picture you smirking at me from wherever you are. Don't think I'm getting soft on you, Roy. I'm just pointing out a fact.

You know, I can't really point out the moment we started calling each other by our first names.

I know it was sometime during the war, but those are times I don't like to remember.

Neither did you.


Havoc gave me your message.

"Thank you for keeping your promise." That was it. No long letter like the one you left Hawkeye.

At first I didn't get it.

It was only today, when I was about to take that train, that I remembered the promise I made years ago.

"I will never die before you, stupid Colonel"

Yes, I guess I kept it.

In a way I guess you also kept your promises.

I never said thank you. Never, in all the years we knew each other. Not even that time after the war when we both got drunk and the next morning General Davent found half of his roses bushes burned and the other half transmuted to pink rubber ducks.

That was fun.

I never thought I would ever say this, but I'm going to miss you.

Goodbye, Roy.

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