Toby (t3h_toby_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Looking for some video clips

Hello.  In order to make an AMV, I could use a little more material, and sadly, I have only the movie and OAV's as video sources. (uesable ones, anyway)  For a specific AMV, if it's not too much trouble for anyone to take the time to pick some stuff out, it would be great help to get the following things (Without subtitles, please!)

*  Some clips of Hughes, just talking/being dorky.  (Mostly being dorky; a lot of his funny faces.)
** Some clips of Envy being angry/generally Envy-ish. (His floor-busting tantrum comes to mind, but clips with his mouth moving would be best)
***Clips of Greed just being... Greed.  <3 (Mour movements are desired.)

If anyone has the time and kindness to pick out a bunch of moments and make a nice clip show from which I can cut and pick (None of them need more than sixty seconds of footage), and upload them, then I would be eternally grateful.

*Thinks of more initiative*

I'll even write something for you!  A fanfic of your choosing!  (*Digging herself into a writers-block hole*)  And I swear I'll get it done, too.  So, gimme clips, and I give you fics.  'Kay?  <3

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