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New doujin

Hi, I just finished putting together a new doujin; story, art, typesetting by me. I like this one. Perhaps someone out there will enjoy it, as well.

Title: Rain
Rating: PG
Genre: Shounen-ai, fluff.
Characters: Edward-centric. Surprise pairing.
Summary: Perhaps the rain wasn't so bad after all...
warnings: None

Length: 9 story pages; 12 total.
Filesize: ~780K (lower res - 100ppi)

Download it HERE

I'd like to hear what you think! Especially if there's some way you think I could make it better! :o) You can leave a comment in my LJ on its post or by email (it's in the file)...

Crossposted to fma_rare, fm_alchemist, and my journal.

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