We are all fuzzy robots. (makaioh) wrote in fm_alchemist,
We are all fuzzy robots.

Episode 29

First impression: HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!
Now, last week I mentioned in some comment somewhere (and possibly on my own LJ) that the boy was a Homunculus. And that's what Ed says. But is he? Yes, he is. He is a homunculus created from the thing that was created when Izumi HTd! (That stands for Human Transmutation, and the d means I made it a verb.)
OK, that's conjecture, especially since I don't know enough Japanese to really comprehend everything. But I believe that ritual-looking place where Izumi went at the end was where she buried the thing, and that line shows that it ain't in there no mo'. That's what I think. If anyone has proof contrary from the anime, let me know.

The part where we see what Ed saw when they tried HT back in the day? DAMN. That scene was friggin awesome. And the kid was in there, one of the things trying to kill Ed! And that, I think, is where the "souls" of the homunculi are being pulled from. I'm making that up, but it's a good concept, innit. Anyway, that kid was in there. It was creepy-scary! Man I love this show.

If anyone who knows Japanese really well would like to detail what Sloth and Lust are talking about on the phone, I would surely appreciate it. (I mean, I understood just as much as hork13bajir5 remarked on in his summary in a previous post, but I sure would like to know the details.)

Anyway, this episode rocked. Plot galore. Damn it was awesome. I LMAO when that one guy came in pretending to be Armstrong - he even had the sparlies!! I like Armstrong. 3rd fave character after Scar and Al. Envy's lookin pretty good in this ep, too.

OK I talk too much. DAMN I love this show.

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