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Episode 29 -- Edit: Destop BG Added. XD;;

Sorry, I woke up late. ^^;;

*Yawns.* I woke up late. *Cracks knuckles.*
Time to right up a summary. =3

Since I'm tired and lazy, this will be in the same format as the other ones: in bullets.

- Izumi yells at the kyoudai for yelling at them about the whole "you made us think there was a monster coming after us" thing.

- Izumi spews blood. Yay! XD;; >>;;

- The kid is wearing Ed's clothes or somethin' like that.

- He then uses alchemy
-- Al: "The light" Ed: "Yeah, it's alchemy..."

- Ed jumps on the boy and finds out the boy fused his own hand with a rock.

- The boy gets scared and reverts everything (so, he's nekkid again).

- He has Ed's leg, too.

- Izumi gets pissed at Ed for doing what he did and asked him questions.
-- "Who are you" "I don't know." "Your name?" "I don't know *now sobbing.* I don't know... anyway!! *burts into tears.*" "Don't worry, everything is alright now." "*Hugs.*"


- Everyone is at the "MEAT" place. =3 The boy is piggin' out. Only Izumi-sensei is there.

- Seig brings in more food. The boy tries to take some more.
-- Izumi: "Finish what's on your plate."

- Winry and the brothers are on the roof watching everyone play. ^^

- They discuss things, like Izumi and telling her about the taboo and what not.

- Everyone is alseep (Oh, my God; Seig sleeps with his eyes open adn snores INSANELY loud XD). 'Cept Ed and Al.

- They were trying to spy on the boy, but see that he is not in his bed.

- He is hangin' upside down and scares the crap outta Ed. XD!!
-- "I'm just hanging around" (He is actually saying this, but in a sense of "Just playing around" "doing nothing"). "I'm so glad!! That I didn't die."
"Didn't die? But..." "What are you talking about? Oh, look!! *flees off the window* *catches a mouse*"

[If I ahd the speed that boy had, I'd be the fastest runner in the world]

"Look what I caught!! *Holds mouse.*"

- The brothers remember from a couple days ago, on the island, Ed tried to catch a mouse and caught it.
-- Ed: "Where did you come from?" "*The boy squeezes the mouse a li'l bit too tight and the mouse goes wild; the boy thinks the mouse is funny*" "Hey, let go of it!! ..."

- The boy moves out of the way. "No!! I just wanna play!! Play!! Play!!"

- Ed uses Alchemy to make a rope from the bed sheets to catch the boy on speed."AWESOME!! AWESOME!! *at the rope*" The mouse runs away.

- Ed wants to know where he learned alchemy. Al tells Ed to calm down.

- The boy merges himself with the bed. o.O;;

- Izumi-sama comes in and yells "GET AWAY FROM HIM!! *KICKS ED AND AL AWAY~*"

- Izumi calms him down, he is no more Bed-Boy and cries while hugging.

- Al looks at the boy's leg. Yay!!

- But, Izumi covers the boy with the bed sheet and yells at them.

- "That guys is... a homunculus" is what Ed says.

Eye Catcher

- Back with the National Alchemists at Hughes' house.

- Sczeika plays with Hughes' li'l girl and talks with the mother. =3

- Roy and Havoc drive past her (they know she is there) and drive back.

- They talk about Hughes' murder case.

- She goes to her pile of books -- er -- I mean home and researches herself.

- Our sexy fiend (Envy) is on the phone with Sloth talkin' 'bout Ed in and him in Dublith. They also talk about the Philosopher's Stone and Ishbal and stuff to that extent. The Furhrer sips his tea.

- Izumi and the brothers talk about the event at the 5th Library.

- They also talk about the truth.

[Note: The truth looks AMAZING in the anime; thought the manga was good? ... Whoosh. =3]

- There are a bunch of eyes behind the door of truth, one pair is the boy's. =3

- We see Ed transmuting Al to the armor (God, this is insane. o.o)

- Anyways... Ed: "That boy is not human!!"

- Back to the National Alchemists!!

- Everyone is packing up.

- One of the dogs of the millitary dresses up as Armstrong and scares the shit outta everyone (God, it was funny).

- They talk about someone named Frank, who is with Armstrong on a train.

- Frank is a weird, freakishly pale scarey d00d of doom and ARmstrong knows it. XD

- Winry washes the boy.

- Al and Ed are locked up in their rooms.

- Al wants to do some alchemy and tells Ed to be quiet about it. He makes a telephone down to Winry~

- Winry says that his arm and leg are different skin colors.

- Ed and AL have that small pupil-scare-"o.o" look in their eyes.

- Ed finds the scar on the shoulder. He remembers the fox.

- The boy runs away, Ed chases.

- Hooded dude is watching.

- Izumi goes back to the island and goes to this ritual-looking place. Falls to her knees after seeing this trail; coughs up blood and cries.

Motherland by Crystal Kay

Episode 30: South Headquarters Attack

I made a destop background from this episode.

- 800 x 600
- 1024 x 768


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