gecen bir yemek yedik abi, of~~ (boopkit) wrote in fm_alchemist,
gecen bir yemek yedik abi, of~~



2 days ago, two partially sane girls *cough*boopkit&daeva*cough* were talking about how cute and molestable "teh" jean havoc is.
Approximately 2 point 7 seconds later the said creatures attempted to open p-chat, and maniacally start to drew havocs, while the boopkit one said "I DECLARE THIS DAY AS HAVOC DAY". Afterwards, these girls happily whoreduploaded their mad skills works on some certain y!G, and everyone was very happy to see some havoc love around.
The reliable one made one (daeva) more fanart, and uploaded the fanart again, and up there, the devious commenters said, "hey, lets declare this whole week as havoc week, and lets draw more fanarts of havoc". And theeen, the boopkit one said to her beloved wife (the daeva), "OHO, why dont we just pimp this idea to all FMA lovers around?"

THE conclusion is, I have decided to share this top sekrit info with you all, and I will be very pleased to see fanartists, fanfic writers, crack lovers at 10 pm GMT tonight, at this paint chat board (you need to register first), and draw havocs.
You dont need to be a Michelangelo for this, dont forget that! We are only gathering teher for cherishing the one and only Jean Havoc.

We shall paint and chat and have fun.
Today's theme is "Spy on Havoc", but the board does not allows obscene nudity, penetration, misusage of a gun..etc.

Hope to see you there~! ♥

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