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Havoc Fanart

Heh...fanart I've been meaning to do for a while, now. I ended up doing this because I just recently heard that Mike McFarland was going to be at our Armageddon Convention here in New Zealand this weekend, and I wanted to give him something personal from myself's all I really do, it seems.

Now I just wonder how on earth I can hand it over to him, considering I'm so darn nervous and don't feel it's really good enough for him. ^^; I'm fussy like that. In any case - hope you enjoy (Havoc deserves more love anyways!)

Jean classic chibi or a faceshot? I couldn't decide, so...

By the way - Thanks to all those who comment on my entries with nice words about the comics and art - I'm sorry I hardly ever reply. It's not you, I just hardly get much time these days - but I read and love everything! <3

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