no one (timchell) wrote in fm_alchemist,
no one

An idea.

Alright, everyone's heard/seen/smelled fic contests before. So here's a new idea I've been sitting on. Or if not new, then I'm just a dolt and haven't seen it around before.

Here is the rough idea based off of the Iron fic competitions:

The artists will be given a category to follow the competition title.

A theme will then be given for the artist to apply.

-thirty minutes for artists to plan their panels

-ten minutes to sketch each panel (there will be a total of ten panels)
*OR! ten minutes to sketch as many panels as you can

-after each ten minute interval the artist has five minutes to scan/upload their pic
*OR! all panels are scanned/uploaded in a thirty minute timeframe at the end

-voting is open for thirty minutes after which the threads are frozen

As is, the entire gig will last A LONG TIME.

2 hours 30 min. for plan A.
2 hours 50 min. for plan *B.

Any input would be highly appreciated, as well as volunteers for possible future participation. =)

Thank you.

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