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Questions on FMA

[EDIT] Thanks to everyone who answered the questions, definitly help me understand what happened much better. Once again, thanks for answering my questions!

These questions I'm going to ask will have spoilers, so for those who haven't watched the anime completely, it's best not to look at them.

The reason why I'm asking these questions is because I've seen the show, but there haven't been episodes that I've missed here and there, so while I get the gist of the ending, there were some questions that I had.

If anyone can help me answer the questions, it'd be very helpful!

How did Rose get a baby? Is it her child? Who's the father?

Envy is Hohenheim and Daunte's child/homunculus?

Did Archer, in his automail form, in the last episode, shoot out Mustang's eye?

Can homunculi have children? Did Pride really beget a son?

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