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23 April 2006 @ 01:52 pm
Question about Ed  
Okay I have one question for now that's been bugging me about the series... 

Why, when Ed's soul was possessing alter!Ed's body, did Hohenheim say that Ed could still find a way back to the alchemy world...?  I mean, didn't Hohemheim say alchemy didn't exist in our world?   And that HE couldn't even go back, even despite his decaying form...?  It doesn't make sense to me.  Unless Hohemheim KNEW that alter!Ed's body would die..thus sending Ed back through the Gate.... But still, I can find no logical *teehee* answer to it.  Once someone arrives in our world, according to the plot, one can never go back...unless...*insert movie plot here*  So...anyone have any clue as to what Hohemheim really meant? Or...am I just being stupid...?

...You know...I'm suddenly thinking about Al...in the armor...and how, at the beginning, he rarely showed emotion...and then at the end...he was FULL of it.  Maybe he was getting used to showing emotion through his soul rather than physicality. 

~Adonis Belle

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Edward Elric: smileimxnotxshort on April 24th, 2006 03:47 am (UTC)
okay, I feel the need to throw my insane logic into the mix.

It's already been mentioned, but flat out - Dante had the gate open, and it just so coincidentally happened to be perfectly timed with Ed's clap and near death experience. Wee, fate. Oh wait, we don't believe in that....

what irks me is that he's all emo about it after. Like, he's surrounded by all these people ready and able to kill him - his brother is in danger, here! - and he stares at his hand and mumbles to himself about the fact that alter!Ed died in exchange for his return. No, no sweetie. Alter Ed and you would have died TOGETHER if Wrath wasn't such a stubborn fool.
Of course, since souls pass through the gate once they die it may have wound up with the same result anywho - what with Ed's body still being there and whatnot.

I digress.

on the Psiren matter, in the dub it is well known that she's a woman, they call her female before actually meeting her, so Ed knew getting into that thing that it was a female. I hadn't considered that Ed couldn't feel it because of his automail - makes sense, it was his right hand - I just figured it was a quick *graboops!* more or less just that his hand landed there. Also, in the dub he says "I didn't mean that!" as opposed to the sub's "WTF, you're a woman!" That moment was saved for Barry the Chopper (in an earlier episode) when he cries "You're a man!" after he takes the wig off.

Lastly, (I hope) I can't speak for the sub, but in the dub I don't recall Al mentioning that Ed is still warm. Perhaps he does, but he does say "There's still some color in his face." So, if Al had claimed to know Edward's level of warmth, I blame it on the fact that he assumed his brother was still warm based on the color of his flesh.
I don't remember whether or not he says that at all in the dub, though.

Also, the preview for Death is just a sound clip of Al screaming. I've rewatched the last three episodes obsessively - it's what I do - and still fail to see that scene happening in any of them, nevermind the one it was the preview for.

I do have to say velvet_mace's theory is definitely logical, also.