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Estel Tinuviel

Diary of a Cosplayer

This is my little diary type thing from when I went to MTAC this weekend. Enjoy! (and sorry for the obviously fangirlish-ness, I can't help myself)


3:30 Friday: get home from school, run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get all my supplies and bags ready to leave B'ham, eat a snack

4:30 Friday: Dad comes home, gets his bag, we get everything ready and leave

6:00 Friday: Stop in Decatur, eat dinner at a Ruby Tuesday, drive through downtown for old-time's sake (my parents used to live there) get back on the road

6:00--9:00 Friday: on the road, discussing my carreer as a manga-ka, options for me in the world of anime, my friend's choices for college and carreers, the pros and cons of the new Windows platforms on the new Macs, etc.

9:00 Friday: arrive in Franklin, get off at the CON exit, not OUR HOTEL exit, finally get to the hotel, check in

9:30 Friday: practice our skit for cosplay several times, make sure Dad knows his lines, coreograph fighting

10:00 Friday: I take my shower, then get in bed and watch some VH1 for an hour while Dad gets ready

11:00 Friday: go to bed, set alarm for 7:00 am


7:00 Saturday: I get up, get on my Edward Elric cosplay gear (homemade red coat that Mom did, black tank, black sweatpants with two black duct tape stripes to cover up the ugly white stripe, and my defining purple Converse)

7:15 Saturday: bug Dad about getting up NOW, he gets up,takes a shower (I watch videos), puts on his Scar cosplay gear (tan shirt, white undershirt, brown pants, brown shoes)

7:30 Saturday: go down and eat breakfast sans gloves (it's rude to eat with your gloves on, after all)

8:00 Saturday: return to our room, Dad braids my hair, I put gel in it to make the sticky-uppy part , I mix the paint to do his scar, paint Dad's forehead

8:10 Saturday: make sure we have everything, leave hotel room, check out, head over to con site

8:30 Saturday: arrive at con site (luckily we found a parking space), realize the reason the hotel was so expensive, see all of the cosplayers starting to arrive, immediately meet the very friendly and nice lord_of_sakura who graciously sold us two passes (you saved us so much time--the line was out the DOOR for hours)

8:45 Saturday: attempt to draw Scar's tattoo with a crayola marker--FAIL miserablly, Dad goes to wash off tattoo so it doesn't ruin his shirt, admire the cosplayers, fill out cosplay pre-judging form (we're a group with a skit)

9:00 Saturday: walk around trying to find everything, get schedule, consult it for times, take pictures with some cosplayers (InuYasha, and awesome Zabuza, etc.)

9:15 Saturday: go pick up my awesome MTAC t-shirt

9:30 Saturday: get in line for FMA panel (it was out the door, too), get squished like a sardine (it was worth it), see some fairly good FMA cosplayers

10:15 Saturday: spot Vic as we head in for the panel, try not to squeal

10:30 Saturday: FMA panel (a little late). It was the best thing ever!!! And I got to ask a question (about the implied Ed/Winry romance--Caitlin and Vic agreed that it's there!), melt when Vic does some of Ed's lines

11:15 Saturday: want to stay for dodgeball, but need to get some lunch to be bakc by 12:45 for FMA autographs

11:30 Saturday: leave and find a place to eat, Atlanta Bread Company not far from the con

12:15 Saturday; return to con site (get a great parking space, too) are like 6th in line to meet and get autographs from the FMA guys

1:15 Saturday: FMA autographs, everyone signed everything (including my t-shirt) and were very nice (I got pictures), then when they saw my dad, they (especially Travis) loved how Dad was cosplaying as Scar!!!

1:45 Saturday: go to dealer room and try and find some inexpensive souvenier, buy and Alphonse patch for my messenger bag

2:10 Saturday: get in line for the cosplay pre-judging, we were fairly far up in the line, behind one fo the best cosplayers of the day, a girl as Fai from Tsubasa (she made it herself over six months!), take pic of Sesshomaru cosplayer for my sister

4:00 Saturday: finally it's our turn for pre-judging, show off our costume to the juges (we were going for costume and skit) and do our skit for them (they seemed to like it), we get asked back for the cosplay contest!

4:30 Saturday: sit in on the Photosphop tricks panel so I can learn a bit (and as Dad wanted, find out about my options with anime)

5:00 Saturday: head out for dinner so we can be back by 6:30 for cosplay, eat at a Friday's, want desert, then spot a Maggie Moo's ice creeam shot (some of the best ice cream ever, second only to Amy's in Austin, Texas)

6:15 Satuday: return to the con for cosplay, see that 100 cosplayers will not fit in a tiny room and that ballons are not a good idea

6:30 Saturday: cosplay line-up, Dad and i make a few adjustments to our script to make it more abiguous

7:00 Satuday: cosplay starts, people are crowded around an Al cosplay (awesome, btw, for just doing cosplay as Al in a suit of armor, which was homemade!) fanning him, Totoru is in front od us along with Fai, watch some Kingdom Hearts people look like they're worrying about their skit (but they had good costumes!)

7:15 Saturday: our turn for cosplay, I'm really nervous and we have to shout our lines because there's only one mic but you can't fight while holding a mic! Go on stage, do our skit (lots of people cheered)! Glad to get it over with, but it was lots of fun

7:20 Saturday: head back to Panel 1 to watch the rest of the contest on the TV, see soem awesome groups (the Bleach group that sang the "Anime Hero" song, a singing Edward Elric, a "9 to 5" Sloth, etc.)

8:00 Saturday: cosplay half-time, see some cool AMVs (but only clips), see the video announcing next years theme (mecha), have them call back some numbers. In the first batch, we weren't one of them

8:30 Saturday: the woman comes back and calls more numbers, we're one of them! Go back backstage and wait as they give out awards. Totoru won somethings along with Fai and the Kingdom Hearts groups. They're doing guest favorites, and then they say they have an honorable menion. Vic, at the microphone, says that "it's always great when parents get involved in anime." I cannot belive that Vic Mignogna just said that as he announces that the Scar dad and daughter won honorable mention. I push Dad ahead of me as we walk out. Needless to say I'm stunned. We walk on stage and Vic gives us the prize ( and Anime Network shirt and DVD) then HUGS US!!! I got hugged by Vic Mignongna!!! *fangirl squeal*

9:00 Saturday: awards are over, but then a guy proposes to his girlfriend (very sweet), then it's over. The rave will be starting soon, but we can't stay since we have to get back hom

9:15 Saturday: people are coming up to us congratulating Dad and me, lord_of_sakura appears, too, to hug me. Unfortunately, we'll not be coming to MTAc on Sunday, but that's okay, leave MTAC

10:00 Saturday; put on some goth and then Green Day so we can stay awake

11:30 Saturday: I fall asleep

12:30 Sunday morning: we arrive back in B'ham

1:00 Sunday morning: I'm in bed, asleep!

MTAC was so totally awesome and I'm definitely coming back next year (hopefull with my cosplaying dad again)! Everyone was super nice, things were organized, fun, and interesting. Being able to see all of the cosplayers was cool, adn for my first con, I wouldn't have picked anywhere but MTAC. Thank you everyone!

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