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Chibi OVA Parody

I'm thinking of recording a parody of the Chibi OVA, but I have no idea if I should voice all of the characters myself, or let a few other people have roles too. I highly doubt I can make different voices for everyone, so I think I'll stick to the latter. xD;; Um, if you have a mic and want to be in it, you can be any character you want. (Though just be sure to leave a character or two for me, okay?) If we have more then one person who wants to do a character, we'll have auditions to see which person can voice the character the best.

X-posted to envy_lightbulb.

Edit: I tried doing Roy's voice. Yes, I know that I do indeed suck, espcially at doing a Roy voice.

Edit II:
Roles Taken
Envy -- wiccat
Ed -- curucar

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