Dennis Gomez (niggarican) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Dennis Gomez

Ok, so hohenheim created the stone. in the episode of the anime where he confronts dante he says something to the effect of, "where is the small piece of the stone that i left you" something along those lines to make you believe he left her with a smaller piece then he took himself. if hers is completly gone, where did his go? i know he used it the same way she did, but wouldnt he have had more of the stone? what else was he doing with it?

all of the homunculi lived up to their sin name except for sloth. wrath was angry all the time, envy was envious of a lot of things, pride was prideful about the military, gluttony.. well that obvious, lust was lustful and greed was greedy. was that just an oversight or me being weird

when fighting with mustang, how come pride couldnt tell his son had his skull in the bag?

how was dante going to use the stone if gluttony ate it?

and when she saw al going towards ed, why didnt she put ed on the other side of the gate?

right before hohenheim went to confront dante, him and al were talking. what was the question al asked him as the camera panned away? (also if that comes up in the movie could you tell me that. i still havent seen the movie yet and i think it comes up in there)

when the state alchemist were given the stones marco made they could all use theirs powers differently. when gran used it he still had to use his arm, when mustang used it he still had to use his gloves, when armstrong used it he still had to use his hands... how come kimblee was able to blow stuff up without touching anything. he did the same thing in lior. he was blowing up stuff without being near it at all?

when ed was fighting wrath and lust at the hotel near the end of the series, wrath took part of ed's arm. ed was still able to use alchemy without it. then how come when scar took his whole arm he wasnt able to put his hand on his shoulder and still use alchemy, i mean wouldnt he still be forming an array within his body. i mean wrath can form a cirle with ed hand and foot. and for that matter, how come ed cant do that. i mean its still a circle. it would look stupid but hey its better then no alchemy at all.

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