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For the sake of research I am conducting, I have a quick question.
From the perspectives of everyday anime fans, how many of the posters here feel like manga and/or anime is not a 'true art' genre?
Answers would be immensely helpful and greatly appreciated. Also, you don't have to make the answers long (like explain why...) or anything, though if you feel like sharing it would certainly help.
PS. please consider while responding, that being biased is easy in a manga-based community... Facts and reasons will definetly help convince people much better than "YEAH, its a true art form, because I say so!"
If you can identify why FMA in particular is a good manga/anime, that would also be awesome. Feel free to use examples such as characters (Edward, Alphonse, or even the Homunculi), character motivations and storylines/plot... Those would definetely be of help.

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