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Okay. Does everyone know about that meme that's going around? Where you list all the different series' that your willing to write a drabble about, and your commenters choose what kind of drabble you write, based on the series' listed?

I did that. And one of my friends commented, asking me to write a Magic Knight Rayearth/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover. So, I did. And here's the little bit that I wrote.

Definately not Cephiro

"Greeeat! Now if only we could just find out where we are!" Umi complained loudly as she, along with Hikaru and Fuu, walked through the deserts of a world unknown to them. Fuu could only manage to sigh once more at the constant complaints she and Hikaru had to endure. How did this happen? The three were just having their monthly meeting at Tokyo tower, as usual. The three had linked their fingers together, holding onto each other tightly for the ride ahead, like normal. The usual bright flash of light came .. however, this time, they weren't in Cephiro. Instead, the three had landed in a desert.

"There's too much SAND!" Umi complained once more.

"Umi-chan, it's a desert, there's going to be sand .."

"Not for long!" Fuu exclaimed, a wide smile suddenly replacing the frown that was there a moment ago. She pointed in the direction that was intended.

"There! There's a town! And the area is starting to get grassy!"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Umi squealed excitedly, "Let's get there as quick as possible!"

And so, the three started their race to the town, only slowing when they nearly passed a sign. Fuu examined the sign, reading it; to the girls' surprise, the sign was written in a language they understood.

"Welcome to .. Resembool?" Fuu read aloud, shrugging her shoulders in confusion.

"I suppose we should just .. go into the village, see if anyone's willing to help us? Maybe .. let us stay the night? Let us stay a few nights?" Hikaru asked, smiling a little as the other two girls nodded their heads. The three began to walk a little more, soon coming across a house with another sign in front of it.

"Rockbell Automail," Umi read.

"It looks like a business .." Fuu said, placing a finger to her lips in thought. However, Hikaru was too busy bounding up the front steps to knock on the door to hear any of them.

"Hello?" Hikaru called, knocking on the door curiously. "Is anybody home?"

Not too long after Hikaru knocked, she received her answer. A girl who looked to be about her age, with long, blonde hair, wearing a tube top, a red bandanna, and a khaki mechanic's suit answered the door, cheerfully greeting her.

"Welcome to Rockbell Automail! How Can I help you today?"

Hikaru smiled. She already liked this girl. By this time, Umi and Fuu had come up to Hikaru's side, staring at Winry like she was some sort of alien. Winry blinked, and a her smile grew a tad bit wider.

"You three are new here, aren't you?" All three girls nodded their heads in unison. The girl opened the door wider, inviting them inside.

"Come on in! Make yourself comfortable! I'll go tell my Grandma that we have guests." The three girls looked hesitant, and only came inside when Hikaru stepped in. The blonde girl closed the door behind them, and stepped away from it.

"Wait! What's your name?" Hikaru asked, then flushed, feeling a little bit embarassed about that outburst. The girl stopped, turning around and smiling at the three again.

"Winry Rockbell. It's nice to meet you!"


Honestly, I think that this could turn out to be a good story. O.o; And I'm a girl who dosen't normally READ Crossovers, much less write them.

So, I'd like to get some opinions before I make any major decisions. Please give me some constructive critisism. It's also highly reccomended that you know a little bit about Rayearth. ^^;

( Again, Mods, If this isn't permitted, please feel free to delete.

Will be posted in mk_rayearth as well.)

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