We are all fuzzy robots. (makaioh) wrote in fm_alchemist,
We are all fuzzy robots.

Bruce and Cheryl

(You're all going to laugh.)

I had this dream about Scar's brother and sister-in-law, and in my dream their names were Bruce and Cheryl. I was going to a basketball game with them in my dream. In fact, Bruce was a college basketball coach so he got us all courtside seats. The only problem was that we had to ride to the game in Cheryl's old pick-up truck and it was a tight fit. (For those who care, it was an extended cab, but have you ever tried to sit in the back of an extended cab? It's terribly obnoxious.)

Anyway, since I had that dream, I've referred to them as Bruce and Cheryl. So, now you will know who I am talking about in the lj-cut spoily stuff below:

OK, there has been some discussion in here that Ed and Izumi can transmute without a circle because they attempted human transmutation. If this is true, it implies that Bruce could have done the same. I doubt he did, but he could have if he'd wanted to. Of course, that's only if those theories hold, which we may never know the answer to :)
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