Still Naive, Not Photogenic (sliefoxx) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Still Naive, Not Photogenic

For I am the bearer of all things youtube! XD In light of my new Internet connection, I come with CRACKILICIOUS GIFTS. They're all totally worth watching ... but all must watch FullMetal Rhapsody. Queen is Love. ♥ Oh, and all the South ParkxFMA clips ... well ... DAMMIT. IT WAS ED'S PIE. XD

FullMetal Internet

ROTFLMFAO XD Seriously funny ...

FullMetal Rhapsody (Weird Al Version)

Roy, there is life outside your apartment

No Kitty, This is My Pot Pie!

It's Ed's pie! XD (South Park)

How Would You Like To ...

More FMAxSouth Park (Must Listen)

Too Short to be Sexy ...
(FMA Voice actors ... ♥)

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