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Faithless RoyxEd Fanart

Artist: edo_fangirl
Pairing: RoyxEd-YAOI alert!
Rating: PG (nekkidness, but you can only see from the waist up)
Description: Art for the FMA/Loveless fanfiction "Faithless"

It's finished!! Sorry that I am so slow with finishing things...hopefully the various pictures I am working on will not take as long as this one did. *grins sheepishly* I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, though as evidenced by the lines in the flamel, I CAN NOT draw straight lines to save my life! And as I am too damn lazy to pull out a ruler, heh, this is what you get. Oh! I did not invent this incarnation of the flamel (I'm not that creative, sorry yo), it's on the packing that houses my FMA playing cards that came with the Japanese edition of the 13th volume of the manga. *pets cards lovingly* Anywho, this picture is for the AMAZING fanfiction "Faithless," a Loveless/ Fullmetal Alchemist crossover, co-authored by the ever-talented sockren and priestess_grrl, in the fma_faithless community. Sketched in pencil, inked and colored with various Prismacolor units. Ummm, the usual disclaimers apply. Thanks!!!

Faithless Fanart

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