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Uh... hi! Kinda new member, but have been lurking for a while.

I threw together an sort-of screencap recap gallery of the first episode, and figured I'd share it. Right here... Warning: I use bad words and enjoy yaoi, and it tends to show in my comments.

Most of them are just plain, based on screenshots that I've taken. Feel free to yoink and add text ^^

The animation is my own and I love it and snuggle it and those sort of things. I'd appreciate it if you gave me credit, should you steal it ^_^;

If anyone has a smooth animation of Roy's flame trick from the intro, I'd love you forever for it. I can't find raw FMA that has a seed anywhere, and I'm at school so I can't get on fileshare stuff because the ports are blocked. A link to the second (isn't it the second? I can't remember) intro would work just as well @_@

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