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20 April 2006 @ 04:56 pm
Doujinshi for Sale...  
New Sales... Updated: 2006-04-20

Added three doujinshis!

for now doujinshis are all available on my homepage!
(mostly Yaoi!!)

The the following doujinshis from GD-mechano...
till now they were always reserved, but since the person who wanted it,
didn't answer anymore, they are available again!!

by GD-mechano / Izumo Yakumo:

by Mame Drop / Okame Kazumi

by gel / Kajii Naru

by others

if you are interested in anthing...
tell me here or write me a mail

other series and authors I'm selling doujinshis from:
Gundam Seed / Destiny
Prince of Tennis
Wolf's Rain
Mamiya Oki
Yamato Nase
Yamada D Yonezou
Death Note

Request (trading for these^^):
- Graceful Degradation [by mechano]
- MP [by idea]
- Est Est Est [by mechano]
- Solitude [by mechano]

>>my Yaoi Sale Homepage<<
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