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electronic world for every boy and every girl

Bring out your inner sci-fi fan for just a moment.

Oh God. I am a horrible, terrible person, and you all may stone me after I have a very good laugh. This is meant to be crack, anything otherwise would be really damning.

This is for those people who love Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

Written ages ago:
Okay, here's my pitch. A FMA/Hitchhiker's crossover.
Okay...so ah, Arthur, while trying to bring back the Earth loses his tea, and Ford his...um...virginity. Yeah, so Arthur decides to go to Zaphod to help him recover his tea and his best friend's virginity. Zaphod says, "Okay, I'll give you all my presidential powers to help you guys, just cuz I know your friend." Trillian is of course the faithful bystander who can't stand Zaphod's incompetence and regularly lazer guns him just so he'll sign those official documents.
Yeah...and then Arthur and Ford travel the Universe, trying to find a way to get back what they lost. But of course, there's someone who wants to take all they've learned so they can get what they want. And it's a Vogon named after the one deadly sin in the galaxy...Ugliness. So Ugliness wants to take their research so that he can get the one thing he wants in life, and that's his own Poetry/Jazz club. How the hell would research to recovering tea and virginity get you your own Poetry/Jazz club? Really, who gives a f***.

I am a bad, bad person. So bad. But I've been wanting to do this for months.

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