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19 April 2006 @ 08:59 pm
Train in Rain  
Hey has anyone translated the song 'Shounen_yo__Shinjiru_Nakama_yo' yet? It's sung by Roy with Havoc/Breda/Falman/Fuery as back-up in a do-whop kinda style and I kinda wanted to know what it was about. I can't find english lyrics anywhere. (And the only thing that came up in Memories was the romanji version.)

Here's the romanji:

Even if there's not a word for word translation, I'd be happy with a general theme of the song if anyone can help.

Edit: I've got the lyrics now (thanks to some people), but I'm still a little confused with the theme if anyone has an idea.

Edit 2: Nevermind, it's a 'Roy's Emo/Let's back him up' kind of song. Perfect for Do-whop. *nodnod*
lord_pachi: roy_gravelord_pachi on April 20th, 2006 02:33 am (UTC)
Well.....lucky for you, that song was something I attempted to translate myself a long time ago. So, I have a translation, but.........do not trust me 100% on it. I'm an amateur translator compared to others. >>;


Oh Boy, Oh Trustworthy Companion

The most important things are taken from one’s own nature. (I understand, I wish)
Days exist that may go towards becoming something else over time. (It’s good, It’s good)
Men are really sorrowful creatures, aren’t they? (Women are also)
They can’t erase the memories put behind them; they’re dragging on. (Isn’t that right?)

Oh boy, embrace your ambition,
In case you hold darkness in your right hand and dreams in your left.
(Note: Argh, I can’t understand this line AT ALL. It can’t be right x.x;)

WO WO, MY, (Roy)
The vision waves its hand.
Is it that person’s memory?
Block out the screams. (Become stronger)
Penetrate the void. (Become greater)
The place for the light is here.

I know that I desire to have no thoughts. (I believe, I yearn for)
I waited as I always did to be able to come near. (I’ll reach it, I’ll reach it)
With this decision, I’ll be opposing my own self. (I’ll trust in victory)
Because it interferes with my said desire to burn. (That’s right, isn’t it?)

Oh boy, embrace your ambition,
For in the hollow night there is
A flame embracing sleep in your heart.

WO WO, MY, (Roy)
As the vision smiles,
Should it be able to come?
The answer lies within the wind. (Become the wind)
I’ll govern my vows, (Become the flowers)
And I won’t turn back to that way.

Oh boy, oh trustworthy companion,
The frozen dawn is
Repairing the flame in my heart.

WO WO, MY, (Roy)
Because I run to wave my hand,
Someday, (Bye)
Will it be my own vision?
But before I was far from that, (Become stronger)
I’d already finished coming. (Become greater)
I’ll go on living in the present time.
nintendocat: Joygasmnintendocat on April 20th, 2006 02:37 am (UTC)
Oh wow, thank you so much. (I still have no idea what it's about though. Xp)

It kinda sounds like a 'become a stronger person' kind of song. That or 'reach for your dreams' maybe.

Thank you very muchly.
lord_pachi: ed_blocklord_pachi on April 20th, 2006 02:41 am (UTC)
No problem. ^^

Yea, I think those are both overall themes of the song. I'm still not positive what the "vision" is, though. At first I thought, "Hm, Hughes' "ghost" was waving his hand at Ed in 25 - maybe it's talking about a vision of Hughes motivating Roy?", but then it's hinting that it's Roy's own vision, it seems like. It's confusing. x.x;