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Fanfiction dump! Check it out!

This is my major fanfiction dump... I just though "Why not?" so here it is... by the way this stuff is cross-posted just about everywhere...

Title: Once Upon a Rainy Day
Author: Ceirwy
Beta: None
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG
Pairing: None
Note: this one is an old one I revisited. It's not the best but it's good enough...

Edward Elric was gone. So many mourned his death. No one really knew what happened to him. According to his brother, Edward had perished after attempting to save someone’s life but the alchemy somehow went wrong. That was the story told to the public anyway.

The military held a large funeral in his honour. Precessions, blue coats, honorary gun shots, the hole shebang... Today many people visit his tomb and read the inscription engraved:

Major Edward Elric
Fullmetal Alchemist
An alchemist for the people,
who’s incredible will has touched us all

I don’t know why I’m here, soaked to my bones standing in front of someone I never met. I’m cold and dirty but I’m here. Strange how sometimes our feet guide us to the places we least expect them to. I’ve been standing here for who knows how long, waiting for... something. I’m not sure what yet. It will come to me. It usually does.

So I sit down in the mud leaning my back against the headstone and listening to the rain. Some people would find me crazy. After all, I am disturbing the peace by sitting on a grave but I don’t care. I bet my mother would throw a fit if she knew.

"Luna get your butt off that man’s grave and you apologize right now!" she would say.

My mother’s some piece of work. It’s not like Elric’s remains are actually buried here. It was an empty casket. People are so touchy sometimes... It drives me crazy. Then again I must do the same thing to them. Teenagers! I shake my head from side to side in mock seriousness. My wet hair whips around and sticks to my face when I do that. I’m too lazy to wipe it away though.

I wonder what kind of person Edward Elric was. He was a teen when he died. They say he had a short temper and was kind of arrogant. A classic dog of the military. My uncle Ben knows somebody who’s met him. Ben says the guy was really short and very sensitive about it. He’d flame up as soon as you even hinted about his height. The stuff people say make him sound like an ass. But somehow I know there’s more too him then what people say. After all, how could he have done so many good things for the people if he was just some ass? And he died trying to save someone. Doesn’t that sound at least a little noble? I mean, how many people would give their lives for someone else? Not many that’s for sure! I’m not even sure I’d do it myself. I just wish I’d met this guy. I guess I missed my chance.

The rain’s stopped by now and I think I’m coming down with something so I get up to leave. I ring the water out of my cloak before standing in front of the stone again.

"To a misunderstood man" I say loudly as if I was toasting someone at their wedding. I snap a mock salute cause I feel like it and walk away my shoes squishing beneath my feet. Though, this time I’m leading them and not the other way around. I want to be sure to get home on time.

There’s a blond man walking into cemetery just as I leave. I bumped into his shoulder by accident. I guess I should look up more often. I murmured sorry and he smiled back at me. Wow... his eyes are... gold...

"It’s no problem." He answered. He’s quite a handsome guy I can tell you. I have a thing for long haired blonds. He walked away, his hands in his pockets leaving me staring at the brown coat whirling behind him. Then I remembered being home late. So I ran.

Title: Darkness Falls
Author: Ceirwy
Beta: None
Genre: Tragedy Angst Drama
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13
Note: Revisited as well... For dear Isha... I miss you...

A black cloud fell upon the world casting it’s people into darkness. Like a predator the cloud wrapped itself around each person, blinding, separating, suffocating. Soon they began to die without a cause. Without a cure they were all destined for death... Lost in a looming black fog.

She sat in what was once Central Station, staring off into the thick fog. Her soul was empty. There was nothing left. Only dust and death. Nothing but the eerie silence could comfort the tears she refused to shed. The lamppost behind her glowed in desperation, unable to disperse the curse that plagued them all. She wiped away the useless strands of hair falling into her face and brought her arms around her body. It was cold... Darkness was cold.

Far behind her a voice called in the continuous night. Hearing the approaching footsteps she called back. “I’m here.”
A figure came into view, an outstretched hand before it. She took his hand and placed it against the bench on which she sat, observing his slow moments. He was young, maybe 19, blond hair tied back and a red coat tightly wrapped around his smallish frame. He sat next to the woman and took out his silver watch. By habit, he flicked it open and shut several times. It was obvious he could not see her. He was blind.


His words were the most absurd thing she had heard in the longest time but her heavy heart did not allow her to laugh. Time had lost value to her. Time was relative and unmeasurable in this darkness. Yet she humored him.“Goodnight.”

“I don’t think you should call this night good.” He frowned deeply scaring his young features with his pain.

“I guess...” her voice drifted off as she scanned the wall of darkness, a sad smile on her face. Next to her the boy’s body shook as a fit of coughs took him. She could see but a hint of blood on his gloves and placed a hand on his back, rubbing till they subsided. He was like the others. She had seen them all fade away... Die in a puddle of their own blood with gasping last breaths. Fate was cruel. “I don’t have much time left.”

She knew all too well... “I feel like I’m the only one left.”

“It won’t be long before I join them...” There were no tears. He had lost someone... Perhaps everyone... Just as she had... Just as they all had....


“Al please don’t leave me.” He cried as blood splattered out of his brother’s mouth. Al gasped for air, clinging to Edward’s shirt.

“Ed...” he wheezed quietly. Tears streamed from the eldest’s face as the grip began to loosen.

“Al... Hang on! Please! Don’t leave me! Al? Aru! Al...”


“Are you still there kid?”


“You were mumbling to yourself then... Nothing. I was afraid I had lost you.”

“I’m sorry.......Are you afraid?”

“Of what?”

“Of dying...”

“No. There’s nothing left here but ruins and dust. Death would be a deliverance right now.”

“Then why are you still here, if death is such a deliverance?”

“Why are you?”

“Because I’m selfish.”

“It’s easier if I remember happier times. It get’s me through.”


“Come on Jake! You can make it!” Keera called to her little one as the toddler climbed up the ladder and stood up top the slide. The boy sat on his bum and looked around with a goofy smile.

“That’s it Jake!”

As he slid down the boy giggled happily. Keera caught him at the bottom and kissed his chubby cheeks as he tried to wriggled out of her grasp.

“Go again! Mommy go again!” he chanted running towards the ladder.

“I regret a lot of things lately. Things I’ve done wrong, things I’ve said, things I haven’t said,... I’ve always regretted them but now... I can’t even make up for them.” He whispered. She listened to his words. He spoke of all he had done wrong, his fears, his broken dreams.

“I’m afraid of being alone...” he whispered to her. His head was on her lap and she stroked his long locks. Her left hand was intertwined with his and she squeezed it for comfort. He didn’t seem to mind though. Had other lost souls passed by, they would of seen two lovers sharing what time they had left. Sharing a moment of comfort.

“Your not alone Edward. I’m here...” He smiled sadly, shaking with a few coughs.


“Brother. Promise me you won’t leave. Please?” Al whined as his brother tucked him into bed that night. Edward only frowned and turned off the bedside light.


“Look Al. I can’t promise you anything. They need me and I don’t know when or if I’m coming back.” Edward answered roughly while looking into his younger brother’s eyes. Tears began to well up in them and Al turned away.

“I’ll try to come back Al. I really will.” He leaned in and gave the child a kiss on the forehead before walking towards the door.

“I love you Aru... You know that right?”

“I know Ed...”

The sun was warm and delicate on her face. The salt breeze was cooling and refreshing. This was her imagination but she enjoyed what refuge she could. His arms were wrapped around her frozen form as she spun a tale about summer’s on the beach basking in the glow of a setting sun.

“Isn’t it wonderful Edward?”

He didn’t move but whispered gently from so far away. It was dreamlike. “I wish things could be this way forever.”
The black wall that consumed them was momentarily forgotten.


She awoke with a start, feeling cold. A shiver ran down her spine as she opened her eyes in darkness. She was still in Central Station, sitting on a bench, in his arms.

“Edward?” She asked turning to see his face. He didn’t answer, his arms weighing around her waist.

“Edward wake up.” she begged getting up. The boy only slouched into the bench and fell over onto the ground.

“Oh Edward.” she silently cried. She wrapped the coat around herself tightly and lay on the bench.
He was gone too... He left her alone...


He looked down on her not wanting to leave. Al rested a hand on his shoulder pulling him back.

“We have to go brother.” He told him.

Edward simply took her hand and placed the item inside her palm.
“I’m sorry Keera.”

Al looked on sadly.
“Don’t worry brother. She’ll be joining us soon.”

With a nod the brothers left togther, walking out of the darkness.


She opened her eyes, more tired then ever and readjusted her coat. Around her, the darkness still shielded the world. Looking around, she was shocked to noticed he was gone... His body was gone.

“Edward?” she called out. Only silence called back. Walking back to the bench she felt a weight of some kind in her hand. Shining in the dim lantern light, his pocket watch rested in her palm. She closed her fingers tightly around it and lay against the bench closing her eyes one last time. Smiling, she heard the waves crashing against her dreams.

Title: Militia Mayhem
Chapter: Part 1
Author: Ceirwy
Genre: Humor, angst... mostly humor
Rating: 14A (that’s mature if you don’t follow that system)
Pairings: Anything I come up with...
Note: I have no excuse...

1.As Hawkeye kicked down the door with one foot and let her bullets fly, the military men dove for cover behind overturned desks. Mustang exchanged “pleasure working you”’s and prayers with his subordinates before jumping out the window with project miniskirt tucked under his arm.

2. Wide eyed in horror, Breda gaped at the entangled mass that was Havoc and Furey before slamming the door and turning beet red. That was the last time he would ever enter the supply closet without knocking.

3.Some days Roy would visit the cemetery and let himself cry till Hawkeye picked him up and put him back together.

4. Tension was high and sweat pored down the sides of the colonel’s face as he contemplated the men around him. This was a life and death struggle he wouldn’t allow himself to loose. Bringing one gloved hand to the level of his eye Roy smirked and slammed his hand down. “Royal flush...” and Havoc groaned, grudgingly handing over the boxers that were the only bargaining chip he had left.

5. During Edward’s report to Central he became very acquainted with Mustang’s office floor and Hawkeye’s naked body.

6. Breda found rubber bands were far more useful sailing through the air then wrapped around things.

7.The intercom announcements were always interesting... “Identification must be carried at all times. Please remember to park in the designated area’s of the grounds. Tomorrow’s lunch will be chicken and potatoes. All personnel are reminded that the new removable desktop panels are not for sliding down the fourth floor stairs during the two o’clock coffee break...”

8. The day HQ ran out of coffee was the day Mustang found an excuse for slacking off.

9. Furey’s first true act of aggression was the day he shot Hughes in the foot for pestering him with photographs of the lovely Alysia. He was awarded with a medal for bravery later that week.

10. A sleeping Edward sat propped up on his chair leaning against the wall... The trip from Xing boarders to Central had been a tiring one, that coupled with a few criminal chases and dead end stone leads had worn the poor thing out. But that hadn’t stopped them from doodling on his face with a black magic marker while Alphonse had his back turned...

Title: Second Chance
Author: Ceirwy
Beta: None
Word Count:1020
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: None
Note: This one I'm entering in FullserviceFma's april fanfiction contest... hope it wins!

The little boy sat on the sofa, legs dangling, arms crossed, pouting. Around him adults of all ages and status conversed oblivious to the unhappy child. It was a military party after all. Soldiers and their families were present to enjoy the festivities of the season. But for one man, time stood still.

Now older and slightly bent with age he'd managed to conserve his dignified aura and wit. Once dark hair was streaked by sliver strands. His eyes were still a sparkling navy blue and emphasized by crows feet. Dressed in a smart grey pinstripe suit and matching fedora, he sat with his hands folded over a sophisticated cane, staring down the little boy.

At first, the General hadn't bothered with the child. He'd arrived with a revealing cream silk gowned Hawkeye on his arm and his eyes had been appreciating her curves. Afterwards, he'd mingled with others guests making new connections and enjoying good company. But all too soon his bad knee had begun to bother him and Roy Mustang had seated himself with a glass of scotch to nurse the pain. It was then he had noticed the boy.

He was about six to seven years old, obviously tired and annoyed. Golden hair obscured the boy's features to the exception of a tight scowl that Roy could not help but admire. Feeling slightly sorry for the child Roy had called out to him and the boy had looked up. What Roy saw sent his mind reeling.

The boy could not possibly be...

Same scowl, same high cheek bones, same blond hair albeit shorter and a few shades off, same... Everything! Everything but those eyes. They were blue, not gold.

Roy's mind would not let him grasp the possibilities racing through. Logic was muddled. Edward was dead... Or at least gone. He'd truly believed that the day Alphonse returned his Sate Pocket watch in exchange for a life Edward had wanted for his little brother. It was not possible.

“Watcha looking at pops?”

Roy could not have been more startled had Hawkeye decided to strip in front of the crowd then and there. The voice was childish but held the powerful intonation and bitterness Edward so commonly used all those years ago.

Clearing his mind and his throat, Roy pushed himself up on the chair and narrowed his eyes. “You shouldn't speak to your elders that way little boy. Your daddy would be very disappointed in you.”

Those cerulean blue eyes widened and became illuminated by a devious glint. “My daddy's dead.”

There was no pain nor anger simply childlike innocence to the statement. Roy's
eyebrows rose. “What's your name kid?”


Edward and Edmund... Too similar to be a coincidence. A smile illuminated his face and the boy began swinging his feet. He was leaning forward almost challenging Roy. Or was that just his imagination? No, there was definitely something to this boy. An un-childlike spark. “My name's Roy.”

Edmund jumped from his perch and threw out his hand. “It's nice to meet ya mister.” He fervently shook it grinning ear to ear. But when he tried to pull away Roy held his grip. Edmund tugged again but no fear played his features. “You can let go of me mister.”

“Who are you?”

“If you can't figure that one out yourself, you don't deserve to know.” The boy's hiss had matched his own.

For a moment the two stared each other down, navy and cerulean fighting for dominance. One menacing the other amused. The truth was staring Roy Mustang in the face and he could not come to terms with what he saw. It was Edward, of that he was sure. But why was the alchemist who should have been in his early thirties in an alternate body? Why hadn't the Elric's told him before? Where had Edward been all those years? Human transmutation was the only explanation.

“Edward...” He let go of the boy's hand and sighed.

The wicked smile on Edward's face was one he had surprisingly missed. The ex-alchemist sat back on his chair and swung his legs. The motion was obviously one he enjoyed. “You know, I was wondering when you'd get your head out of your ass and notice.”

“Edward how did you...” Roy had never before heard the laugh that pushed past Edward's lips. It was carefree and echoed happiness, a luxury the former alchemist could not afford in a past life.

“To tell you the truth, I don't know. All I remember is the rocket test launch and Alfons celebrating as it lifted into the sky. The next thing I knew I was in Alphonse's living room with a his worried wife looming over me. Al doesn't know what happened either. He wasn't stupid enough to tamper with human alchemy now that he has a family. But I'll tell you about Germany some other time Colonel.” Rockets? Test launch? Germany? Roy was lost and the look on his face portrayed his confusion precisely. “...All that I know is that I was given a second chance.”

“Edmund!” A voice then called from an ocean of adults clearly pulling the boy's attention from the old man. Alphonse stepped out from the crowd smartly dressed for the occasion, radiating the glow of a happy father. On one shoulder he carried his son who had fallen asleep with a thumb in his mouth. The Elric let his gaze linger on the scene.

“I hope my half-brother hasn't been bothering you General.”

“Is that the story you're telling?” His voice was soft but the accusing look that bore into the younger man's eyes was not. The apology was clearly painted on Alphonse's face. “Don't worry Alphonse. Edmund's been quite... Interesting... To say the least.”

“I'll see you around Colonel Bastard.” Edward pronounced, hopping off his chair and running down the hallway as Alphonse smiled sheepishly at his superior and followed. Roy sagged in his chair, finishing his scotch in one swig and happily swore it was the last time an Elric would catch him off guard. But somehow, he highly doubted it.

Title: Mr Alchemist
Author: Ceirwy
Beta: None
Genre: General
Word count:
Rating: G
Pairings: None
Note: This one just came to me one boring afternoon... ^_^

Their small town had always been the same and Al truly believed it would stay the same forever. Soft rolling hills that danced under the wind's every touch, large trees that stood alone and strong (those big branches were easier to climb after a big fight with Ed), blue sun-kissed skies blemished by the occasion animal shaped cloud, the soothing hum of a trickling river... So very perfect... The young boy could not help but feel safe and happy. Much of the landscape remained undisturbed so the day an oddity appeared Al could not help but be curious.

He stood by the cemetery gate peeking over it's tall fence post at the stranger there. The man had arrived days before at the local Inn and the rumor mill was in full swing. According to Jimmy's dad the guy was a crackpot. He'd come into town and claimed he was an “alchemist”. The voices became bitter when telling the tale. Not knowing what alchemy was, Al asked if he could meet “Mr Alchemist” but, everybody said a bright young boy like himself should stay far away from people like that. So Al had given up until he saw the old man walking by himself towards the cemetery.

Mr Alchemist was an old man, in his early forties maybe, dressed in clean clothing that looked like his dad's. In one hand he carried a battered suitcase full of thing's Al could only imagine. Perhaps, it contained treasures or alchemy things. Letting his nose rest on the whitewashed fence post he wiggled his fingers in happiness. The stranger was so very interesting and Al felt like a spy eying his target. The man was standing before a headstone holding a pretty white flower in his other hand. The stone wasn't like all the others. It was smaller and round and grey. All the other graves had white crosses or red colored stones.


The boy recognized his brother's voice but froze in place. Mr Alchemist had turned at the call and was now staring at him. Mr Alchemist's eyes were piercing and kind but they were sad and wide. He seemed almost more afraid of Al than Al was of him. His knees felt weak. He was caught.

“Al! Mom wants us home!” The poor boy tore his gaze from the alchemist and looked back towards his calling brother. Ed and Wen were waving him over impatiently obviously having stood there for a long time. With one last wary glance to the stranger Al ran to the two.

“Come on Alexander! Mom's made stew!” The little girl called and she began running towards their little house in the distance.

“Wait for me!” Alexander called and threw himself into a sprint to catch up with his siblings. “ Edwin! Wendy! Wait for me!”

Mr Alchemist watched the trio disappear into the hills laughing to himself. Waving off the memories that seemed to have juxtaposed themselves to his reality, he placed his single flower at the stone's base and straightened. Running a hand over the smooth surface he smiled. “Boy Al, I know you wanted to be buried somewhere that looked like home but this is ridiculous!”The wind adopted the orphaned chuckle Edward let go.

“Wouldn't it have been wonderful if our lives could have been so simple?” His voice became solemn. “I'll see you next year Al. This place gives me the creeps.” Tightening his ponytail with one swift tug, he turned to walk away. As he left, Edward let a longing gaze cover the house on British country side where three blessed children would lived a life that could have been.
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