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Title: Love. (This is sad. In my opinion. Let me know what you think)
Author: Titanicfreek
Rating: PG
Genre: romance
Pairing: Roy x Ed
Spoilers: None well except a little thing about Hughes.
Author Notes:I Don't own FMA. Nor am I looking to make a profit. Uh I think this is kind of sad. Let me know what you think. I just wrote this and have a couple sad things going on now in life so I guess it kind fits whats going on.
Summary: It was a gloomy day at the funeral
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It came so sudden. In a blink of an eye he was gone. One minute he's here carefully caressing your hair and giving you soft little kisses up and down your neck and the next minute he's gone. His warmth when he held you his little kisses... It was a suprise to everyone. Well not everyone. Edward began to remember the week before When Roy came back after being away on assignment for a month. Before they all got mixed up in this crazy life style. Before he died. It had been at least a month untill they saw each other again. When Roy stepped off that train Ed tackled him to the ground giving him a nice long kiss that they both waited for. For what seemed like an eternity. They didn't care who saw them. They loved each other. That's all that mattered. They clasped their hands and walked out of the train station. They didn't even make it into the bedroom. At least they made it into the front door.Acting like savages they pulled off each others clothes.Torn buttons flying around, Little rips and snags in the shirts and pants. They didn't know when they would be able to do this again so they made the most out of it.Ed smirked as he thought about it. His smirk quickly dissaperaed as He remembered more. Then somthing happened. Somthing Edward wasn't prepared for. Roy had called him in to his office.

"Colonel." Ed said with a salute before he sat down.

"Edward. I have to tell you somthing."

"Aww can't it wait." Edward replied standing up from his seat. He began to lean over Roy's desk.

"No it can't wait..." He paused. "It's kind of important. I- I." He was cut off by the older Elric kissing him. Roy pushed Ed away from him and yelled.

"I don't LOVE YOU!!!!"

Shocked Edward replied.

"What? Then all this was a lie? All the things we did didn't mean anything to you?"

"Yes. That's right. Nothing mattered to me. I have been lying to you all this time."

"Your lying. I can tell. You wouldn't say this. I-"

"No Edward. I am not lying. Looke me in the eyes." Edward looked at Roy dead in the eyes. Stone cold. No emotion in them at all. Appearantly he was telling the truth.

"I wan't you to leave. Forget about me. Forget about even knowing me. Forget about our love. That's an order."

"Fine if that's how you want it then. I'll leave. I'll never speak to you again. Ever. don't bother to call me here." Edward ran out the doors slamming them behind him. Roy looked at the door's hoping Edward would listen to him and not come back. Also hoping he would disobey his order and return. He didn't. He knew it had to be done. He didn't want it to end like that. But it had to for the best. Tears were streaming down Roy's face. He slammed his fists on his desk. He wanted to tell Ed that he had cancer, and he only had a week left.

Edward couldn't run anymore. He was to upset. He just knelt down outside infront of H.Q. and cried. Cried for all the times they were together. Cried because he had thought so much that he and Roy would be together and there love was everlasting. He couldn't take it. Mabye he would kill himself. No. He couldn't do that. It wouldn't be fair to Al. Edward wiped the tears away from his face and began walking.

A week had passed and no one has seen or heard from Edward. Except Al. Al had always known where Ed was. It was bad. Colonel Mustang was in the hospitial. His conditions were getting worse and they predicted that he wouldn't make it through the night. Once Al had heard this he hurried off to Edward. Al hoped that he could convince Ed to come and see Roy.

"Ed. The Colonel's in the hospital." Ed's eyes widened as he looked up at Al.

"They're saying he's not going to make it through the night. Hurry Ed. Mabye you can comfort him."

Roy was laying down in his hospital bed. Too weak to sit up. He bagan to close his eyes. Untill he heard a loud banging noise. A cart or somthing was knocked over. Then came the the banging of his room's doors being slammed opened. Ed rushed to his bed side. Roy was as white as a ghost. It even looked liked he lost a lot of weight.His hair had lost it's pure black sheen It didn't matter. Ed still thought he was beautiful.

"I-I thou- thought I told yo-u to fo-forget." Roy mumbled.

"You idiot. Why would I forget you." Ed said softly.

"Ed I didn't w-want you to s-ee me like this." Roy coughed.

"Shh.. you should of just told me you were sick. You knew that I would be heart broken when you died. That's why you told me you didn't love me.You wanted to spare me the pain of your death. I see. So that's the only way you could do it." Ed said with tears beginning to form in his eyes. Ed grabbed Roy's hand and held it tight. "It dosen't matter. I am going to suffer with you. Untill the very end. I love you. I will always love you." Ed said smiling with tears trickiling down his face.

Roy smilled as tears came streaming down his face.

"E-Ed Im so-rry. I- I hope y-you can fo-forgive me." Roy said softly. Roy's grip on Ed's hand lightened a little bit.

"I-I love yo-you E-Edward." Roy said softly shutting his eyes. His hand went limp in Ed's grasp. Ed let go of Roy's hand and wipped the tears from Roy's face. Ed stood up and kissed the Colonel softly on his lips. Just like before. Ed' s cheek's were all red. Red from all the tears streaming down. Ed looked out the window. It began raning.

The day of the funeral arrived. It was a gloomy day. Just like at Hughes's funeral. Roy had requested to be burried by his best friend. He also requested that when Ed died That he would be burried right beside him. Ed stood looking at Roy's head stone wiping away tears. Remembering all of that made Ed smile. He smiled because he knew someday that he and his lover would be reunited.

Please let me know what you think. Still new at fan-fic's I will continue with my other fan-fic soon!! If anyone is reading them


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