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"The Date"

I keep having these vicious plot bunnies attack my ankles at the oddest hours, and for the oddest things. The following short is only the most recent of attacks. See, here I am, trying to finish up the next chapter for the first arc of "Balance of Power", when I get this idea for a scene for... of all things... the -second- arc.


And I couldn't just write some notes and leave it. Oh no! The bunny wouldn't allow it.

Fortunately, it stands alone pretty well. No spoilers for the series or the manga, but a sorta spoiler for "Balance of Power".

The only set up you need is thus: 1) Hughes faked his death. 2) He ended up elsewhere for four years. 3) He's back.

This scene takes place right after he returns, coming through a gate near Lior. And it's time for He and Roy to set a few things straight. ;)

Title "The Date"
Author c_b_syndrome
Characters Hughes and Mustang
Rating PG-13 for language. Maybe a soft R for suggestivness.
Spoilers None really for the series. Kinda for BoP.
Summary: Hughes and Mustang drive out into the middle of nowhere.

It's a cut!Collapse )

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