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Woot!  I finally finished my 'Messenger' series!

However, being typical me, I can't even finish it the easy way.  I wrote one ending, and then wasn't quite satisfied, so I wrote another ending.  Since I like them both, and each one focuses on a different character and stuff, I'm just going to post them both.

So, Messenger parts 4 and 4.  Previous parts can be found here.

Title:  Crow
Rating:  PG-13
Characters:  Ed, Envy
Spoilers:  Manga chapter 53, mostly
Summary:  All things come to and end.  But just because it's over doesn't mean it's...over.
Notes:  The original ending.

You know the story about the crow who wanted to walk like the dove?

Title:  Last Sacrifice
Everything else: Same as above ^_~
Summary:  The world owed him, and he was going to collect.

...But most of the time, your life comes before the life of your friend.

Cross posted.  Sorry for spamming f-lists...

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