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Portrait of Death (fic)

Title: Portrait of Death
Author: Katowisp
Pairings: N/A
Warnings: Character death, episode 49, 50.
Rating: G, PG-ish. (for death...?)
Summary: The last moments of death and the thoughts that fire even as life is terminated.

A/N: it's short, no more than 500 words altogether. But I was watching the last few episodes the other day and this struck me.

Edward (The Boy)

Edward found the alien presence in his body highly disconcerting. It was both uncomfortable and crowded. There was only room for one soul in his body, after all, and he was highly disturbed by the entrance of a new soul.

And as the Zeppelin came crashing down, Edward found he couldn’t move. The other presence in his body refused to. Together, they stood and watched the Zeppelin come towards him. Edward saw death. From the other half, he felt awe and bewilderment. It’s a Zeppelin! He wanted to scream. Run! But his body wouldn’t budge, and Edward realized he would die. It was the singularly most awful thing he’d ever realized, but as soon as he accepted it, a strange peace came over him.

Too late did the dominating presence in his body realize what was happening. Too late did he begin running, and then they were crushed beneath the burning beams of the Zeppelin. Even then, Edward had no control over his body. The other presence was confused and shared his hurt. They had several broken bones, and a gash on their head. In a last futile effort, the presence clapped its hands together and hit the ground. Edward could make no guess at what the presence was doing, but he could sense a feeling of intense sadness and disappointment as whatever trick the hand clapping was supposed to achieve clearly did not work.

I’m so sorry the other presence said. And the Zeppelin gave under its own weight, crushing Edward’s small body.

Edward Elric (Fullmetal)

Edward Elric’s death was fast, but painful. It wasn’t the physical pain so much as the emotional. The spear through his chest had overloaded his pain sensors, and in his last moments before death, he didn’t have the time to register it. There was only thing going through his brain right now, and it was

“Al, Al, Al, Al, Al.” And on and on it went, a mantra that marched across his brain even as the synapses fired for the last time. His last seconds were filled with worry and distress. Even with more blood on the ground then in him, he struggled to live. He couldn’t die, not with Al still in that body, and not with Al in the situation he was in.</p>

But all the willpower in the world can’t overrule nature, and with only his brother on his mind, he died.

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