bloody angel (yunyun) wrote in fm_alchemist,
bloody angel

Cosplay Photos

Hello! First time posting here ^^;;

I went to Kawaii Kon this weekend, a convention in Hawaii. Me and a few friends did a small Homunculi group on Saturday, so I thought I'd share some photos we took. I cosplayed as Lust ^^ I wish I took more photos of other FMA cosplayers, but me and my friend, who did Gluttony, had a table in the artist alley so we practically sat there all day :P

We did a small photoshoot the day before the con. I really like the first one, but my friend who did Scar didn't fit in, I guess XD;;

Our group only had Lust, Gluttony, and Greed but we found a very cute Envy and Sloth to join us!

Group hug! XD

Mustang and Hughes~~

Teehee, I glomped Roy.

I think Ed is about to get hit in the face with that wrench FUFUFUFU.


Eeeee I was able to get a photo with Vic!! He also said his famous "Roy Mustang is dead sexy!" line in front of me @____@ He also said he really liked our FMA cosplay!

And these are random, but my friends decided to do some really wrong Scar x Greed. Might not be brainsafe, but I think they're hilarious XD
Hey baby!
Up against the wall!! XD

I hope you enjoyed the photos! ^^

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