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Yes, my previous chapter for my sequel fanfic was COMPLETELY ignored. And I forgive you. This time(very empty threat)

Title- Gatekeeper
Genre-Ed/Win, action
Rating-PG-13(blood, swearing, etc.(May not be included in this one))
Notes- Post-movie spoilers are included, so if you haven't seen the movie, don't read untileither you see it on the internet, or wait until it comes out in english on October 3rd . If you want to see the previous chapter(s) of my fanfic or see the prequel fanfic, look in my journal.
Summary- Ed had just returned from his mission to Winry's house. Unfortunately, he had to leave the next day to report to Mustang and immediately get his new mission. Upon hearing this news, Winry decides to go with Ed on his mission despite his objections. Al wasn't able to come because of his paralyzed arm, so Ed was going only with Winry...

Ed was pissed off. He spent his time brooding while sitting across from Winry in the train compartment. Not only did he have to report to Mustang to tell him that once again, Ed's search for his superior's brother was fruitless, but he would need to almost immediately go on a mission that could potentially place a huge risk on the girl he loved. Wait... loved? Had he just thought the word love? Nah. Must have been thinking too hard. He must have imagined that he had thought that... right? Damn. Ed hated being confused. It clouded the mind, and restrained the cold logic that went through his brain. The only thing that helped Ed to raise his spirits was this strange chocolate flavored drink that he hadn't really heard the name of from Winry. "Winry, what's this drink called again?"

"Chocolate," she hesitated, "milk."

Now Ed was pissed off and sick to his stomach.

* * * *

Ed took a deep breath as if he was about to face death itself before reaching for the door to Roy Mustang's office. Less than a second before his gloved hand would have made contact with the doorknob, it flew open, smashing into Ed's face just before slamming him into the wall. "Just where is the Fullmetal Alchemist?" The Flame Alchemist exclaimed.

All of the military staff froze comically at the sound of Roy Mustang's voice. "Have you considered checking that new hole in the wall?" Ed managed to say sarcastically although he was still stuck between the door and the wall.

"Oh." Mustang said, as if he hadn't noticed what he had done. "Come in."

"Sure you won't pull the chair out from under me a split second before I sit down?"

"I'll try to resist the impulse."

"Thanks for the effort." Ed said even more sarcastically than before.

As Ed sat down, Mustang began asking questions. "Did you find anything out about Ray?"

"No." Ed answered, trying not to look embarassed in front of his superior.

"Why not?"

"It was a fake lead."

"Oh?" Mustang was becoming more distant by the second. Becoming bored, he began going through some papers scattered on his desk.

"Anyway, You got my next mission?"

"Yeah, but you probably won't like it."

"Where is it?"

"The remains of Ishbal."

Damn it. Ed thought to himself. Of all the missions Winry could have come with me on, it had to be the one that went there. God, her parents died there.

Ed was hating Mustang more all the time.

* * * *

Ed walked out of the military building to meet Winry at the Hughes' house when he was surprised to see her waiting patiently at the bottom of the steps. Smiling evilly, he began to sneak up on her. Slowly and silently, he crept up behind Winry. Finally, he was right behind her. Just before he would have said "boo", her wrench smashed into his face. "Nice try." she said. Why did I just do that? he thought. He had no reason to sneak up on her. It's not like he was mad at her or anything. He barely even realized what he was doing before he was hit in the face. Oh well. I'll figure it out later.

Quickly changing the subject, he decided to tell Winry about the new mission. "Guess where my next mission is?"

"Where?" Winry asked, suddenly excited.

Hesitating, Ed answered "in Ishbal." He flinched, expecting to be hit with a wrench again for not asking for somewhere else for his mission or something.

"Well, what are we still doing here?" Winry asked before walking towards the train station.

"Huh?" was all Ed could manage to say. Geez, he thought. I'll never understand women. Then he began to run after her.
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