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16 April 2006 @ 10:26 pm
Question for a Story  

I'm working on an Valentine's FMA fanfiction story in which Edward and Alphonse have to get Winry a valentine or suffer the consquense of being beat with a wrench and I was wondering... Does anyone have any ideas on what Edward would get Winry for Valentines? I'd really appreciate any input. Thanks.

The Indomitable Sambruisedgarden on April 17th, 2006 02:34 am (UTC)
Ed? Well... if they are in Risembool proior to the day and know it's coming... I"m sure Ed would go have a look at the posters and such hanging around to see if he can spiot anything that looks like something she normally wouldn't (be able to) buy for herself, and then get that with his funding. Be it a toolset or soem parts, or even an automail limb or two for her to work on.
kawaiisporkmage on April 17th, 2006 03:19 am (UTC)
A new wrench. Then she can get annoyed that he thinks all she likes are tools, and beat him over the head with it.
シュエxue on April 17th, 2006 03:20 am (UTC)
Well, in the Gaidens, he got her earrings and she loved them... enough to open new holes every time he gave her new ones. *A*
Kimnefadol on April 17th, 2006 03:28 am (UTC)
...after which he said he'd never get her anymore gifts. ;P
The Indomitable Sambruisedgarden on April 17th, 2006 11:40 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen those ones. O.o Am I missing something? I thought I'd read them all. Blind Alchemist, Izumi, Silver Alchemist(or whatever)... And there's another one I'm missing, I think. There were more?
D.J.: Yin Yang Roy Eddjin7 on April 17th, 2006 04:22 am (UTC)
I'd put my money on alchemizing something fancy for her workshop.
Like a fancy, Ed-Style tool rack or table. *nodnod*
Rizzlerizzleberry on April 17th, 2006 05:57 am (UTC)
Well, since you put it that way...xD Yeah, I think Ed would find the most expensive mechanical whatever it is out there...but I've always seen love-sick!Ed as kind of nervous and uncertain, and always felt he'd try to do something liiiiiike buy Winry a fancy, expensive piece of jewlry or something else she wouldn't appreciate as much as a new wrench because he'd be trying to give her what most guys give their crushes and would be blinded by that and unable to see clearly enough to get her something she'd rather have....uhh. Wow. I x plane thingz reel gud. ;D But...if he's not really showing any feelings for Winry, then I assume he'd be able to pick her out a nice gift as a friend.
No One Can Stop the Cricket Pimps: FMA Riza/Barry OTP! made by medomlandbubbles on April 17th, 2006 06:09 am (UTC)
I don't think he'd get her anything and get beat by the wrench.
Emily: Ed Pantsusugaryalchemist on April 17th, 2006 02:54 pm (UTC)
I think he would get her a badly home-made caed. Kinda cutely drawn, and strangly adorable.....^^
Emilysugaryalchemist on April 17th, 2006 02:56 pm (UTC)
Spelling Sorry! *card and *strangley