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*Has too much free time.*

I've been readin' up mah alchemy and found an interesting theory.
I found that in alchemy, there is a "Hermaphrodite." I've been readin' up on it.
Perhaps that the green-haired one is the hermaphrodite.

Since I don't have the time to look at all 90MB of Alchemy, maybe you can go forth and find some interesting tid-bits? =3

Credits: Translated by Mike Brenner. Copyright Mike Brenner 1997. Permission given to freely copy this, as long as this copyright remains attached.

I'll give you some interesting excerpts:
"Abstract: Analyzes the natural and supernatural birth, destruction,
and regeneration of the symbolic Child. Introduces the theory and
practice of how to quest for and manufacture the Philosopher's Stone.
Includes applications and explanations of verses by the famous
Swedish [sic] Adept Norton, from an ancient manuscript. Now, for the
first time, revealed according to mystical tradition and esoteric
enlightenment. Includes the qabbalistic signs of Solomon, explained
by a master-student of nature. With 12 emblematical figures with
corresponding explanatory paragraphs."

"Figure 2 showed the hermaphrodite duality in a single thing, the philosophical Adam,
who still has his rib, that is, who had not yet divided into separate
male and female to produce offspring."

"There are traditions also (probably based on plato or whoever he based them on), that Adam was originally hermaphrodite, and the God seperated eve out from adam to produce the sexes.
The question is, is how to go about this reunion, by blending or by exageration unto collapse, or by breaking down?"


Random blurbs I found on the Philosopher's Stone:


I am the good unicorn of the ancients.
Dissociate me into two,
And then bond us back together,
So that my mortal remains no longer decompose.
That is how to get the most powerful medicine.
Pay no attention to my wild and poisonous nature,
Because, God willing,
I cure all sickness and give long life.


The One Substance is above all a unity, symbolized by the one horn of
the unicorn. Denying this unity would overlook important mechanisms
and laws of nature. The One Substance is a single material with both
male and female gender. It is the One Glass for the adept blower, but
which Aficentia [sic] calls a duality, and Hafilio [sic] and others call a
trinity. It is the One Oven producing flames with as many degrees of
cold and heat as you can find on a thermometer, and a similar number
of degrees of wetness and dryness. The degrees are determined by the Element
appearing in biggest proportion, which willingly and gently gives It
its form. The one plan and recipe for the Work is: Dissolve and
Coagulate; this formula creates the entire world, according to the
occultist Dicentes [sic].

Keep dissociating (dissolving the coagulation) and bonding (coagulating
the solution) until the moisture is completely overcome from the
dryness and soldified. Then you have that powerful medicine, that the
modern world cannot understand, and that makes fools of those who
pretend to be wise."


This Figure clearly shows
The orbiting of the four Elements:
Turn Air, Fire, Water, and Earth
into Water through our Fire.
Then make that Water into Earth.
That completes the Work.
In other words, separate
the Air, Fire, Water, and Earth,
and unify them once more.
Do it gently or all is wasted,
And all the work and all the reward are lost.
The Crown sits in the point of the Earth.


Alchemy teaches of three kinds of circulations occuring in three
worlds: the outer Earthly, the Paradisiacal, and finally, the
Celestial World. Mass concentrates in the outer World where the
gross, corporal elements, Water and Earth, predominate. The subtle
elements, Air and Fire, predominate in the paradisiacal and celestial

In the first World, the Earth is drowned in Noah's flood of sin and
bottoms out into the ground. In the next World, the Earth is
evaporated by the warm breeze, and the rainbow appears. In the third
world, the Earth is purified by fire, crystallized, and coagulated.

In each World, the Elements procede along their orbit: Water turns
into Air, Air into Fire, Fire into Earth. The same order is also used
for Reduction. Eventually this cycle repeats. The first World has
seven circulations of Water. The second seven circulations of Air.
The third seven circulations of Fire. The Latin scholar Morienus, who
moved to Jerusalem from Rome, said that you find what you seek when
you change the Water into Air, the Air into Fire, and the Fire into
Earth. Ebner [sic] agrees with Hermes, saying: It come into Its full power
when It turns to Earth, which must occur gradually and without
damage, or else the Work is lost."


A king in purple robes
Stabilizes me each time:
That is the pure Gold of the Philosophers
Who seek It in me.
It is called Solid Red Sulphur.
Everything else keeps a wide berth,
Because I can do it all single handed,
Though I am only one Stone,
I tolerate no Silver or Gold,
And Mercury treats me with disdain.
I complete the entire Work
All by my Self.


In this recipe for cooking the Stone to coherency, the cloudy,
vaporous Water that does not wet the hand serves as the moisture that
binds and stabilizes the Stone, like an egg binds dough. This
stabilization process is represented by the Regulus of Jupiter who is
the newly born heavenly Child or the black Stone beset with rubies.
It symbolizes the passions regenerated into true desire, the red
solid Sulphur that arises from this same purified moisture and
becomes the Stone. The art and science of this spiritual union and
reintegration gives It the power to complete all Work pertaining to
the Stone and the true Tincuture.

Only someone (are your ears turning red now?) wallowing in blissful
ignorance of natural law would think that lifeless metallic gold,
silver, and mercury, which neither speak nor breathe, could ever give
birth to a life-giving Stone or healing Tincture. The Adept who wrote
this Canon dismisses all such nonsense.

True, the Stone may look like gold, silver, and mercury,
but its internal essence is the Mystical Substance from
Figure 4. This Mystical Substance is sometimes called gold because
part of it is solid fiery Earth. Silver because part of it is
liquid-water, and Mercury or quicksilver because of the white mixture and
the product arising from it. So, with the bubble of pride burst, you
can succeed in achieving your goal and reach closer to your final


Do not pollute me,
Just dissolve me, coagulate me,
And turn me upside down.
That how to do good Work.


In these 4 verses Northon tosses all the the other Alchemists a rock to stub
their toes on. (1) Guard It from pollution by any external substances that are
not homogenous and harmonious. (2) Pour your water on the fire without putting
the fire out so the water escapes as steam.
(3) Following the ancient wisdom, give Fire to the fire and Mercury to the mercury.
(4) As they melt into each other, their tight embrace dissolves them and finally
coagulates them. (5) Then a doubled Mercury dissolves
and coagulates itself through a strengthened or doubled Fire.

As Mercury completes the circle by returning to fiery Earth, like a flower turned
stem-up, you become master of the art of the Stone and complete the Work."


Just One Thing under the Sun
Its Possession is the secret of making Gold.
Its form is both male and female.
Its nature is both hot and cold.
Its nutrients pour out,
Its male part, solid, Its female part, liquid.
Its unity makes it the beginning and the end.
Its state changes from male to female:
Dissolving, putrefying, purifying, coagulating,
Until the golden Child appears.
Its milk feeds the Child anew,
And lets you immediately repeat the Work,
Until everything flows and penetrates.
Then fine gold accumulates,
Its Spiritual Body turns acid.
Its Colors have to be made ready for the Work:
But be righteous and guard against sins,
And God will grant you this treasure:
Its color will eventually turn red,
And then remember to thank the Lord.


To sustain succintness, the Author can say no more, yet says all.

This final canon is the Epilogue summarizing and confirming the others.

In the beginning verses, there is the One Substance, our White Ingredient, the Ens Mundi, the One Thing, the secret Subject or spirit energy which is the source of the physical energy transmitted through its object, the Sun.

This One Substance is in a state of perfect balance, a perfect gender balance of male and female, and a perfect vibrational balance of heat and cold.

The male and female aspects of this balance are this passive Subject and its active Object. The male (the artificially modified Object) waits inside the Subject in solid form, until the female Subject acts on the Object. Then the Object loses its congealed solidity and turns liquid. When its flows (as Hermes said) they can be harmoniously and gracefully separated from teach other, and later hermetically sealed back together.

At the beginning of the Work, as a liquid, and at the end, as a solid, It is just One Thing. But not in between, from the time Passion and Reason are separated, until they are sealed back together to produce the White Stone.

The steps are: (1) dissolve, (2) putrefy, (3) purify, (4) coagulate. Repeat this process until the golden Child appears in the form of the noble Stone. Separation followed by marriage. Nourish the Stone with heavenly nectar, the ambrosia of our virgin Milk, which means dissolve it. Let it rot and wash it with magical solutions. Seal it in its tomb until it coagulates and solidifies, until the power of the Tincture climaxes.

This Gold of the Sun is the fine Gold of the Wise. Repeat the process until It becomes cherry red. Then just melt a bunch of metals together, one fifth gold, and toss in a freely flowing portion of the Tincture, and you will see how much incomplete metal you can change into the finest gold this way. Praise God for the Result."



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