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[Title] The Touch of a Thousand Words
[Author] Mara D
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] EdxRoy
[Rating] Nc17
[Beta] Nope.
[Spoilers?] Not really, a bit AU.
[Chatter] For electrumicity Who wanted the boys in a hottub.


Ed laid back lazily, sighing to himself in content. Winry was gonna kill him, but damned if this didn’t feel great. She really would die if she knew he was soaking his automail like this, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He had pinned his hair up on top of his head, sliding further into the hottub water, feeling Roy’s sleek skin against his. He fell into that embrace with the ease that only years of learning to trust brought Ed with his lover.

Those strong hands were sliding down his chest, the touch telling Ed. ‘Not sex unless you want it to be.’

Ed’s hands massaged the tops of Roy’s thighs from where Ed was sitting between them.

‘Not yet.’ The reply touch said as Ed took a another deep breath and let it out silently, letting the pain and stress of the day sink away from his pale and sleek shoulder and neck and into the water.

Roy nodded in reply, arms crossing over Ed’s chest in a protective embrace, Roy held him closer and Ed let his body float as it would, tilting his head back against that broad and scarred shoulder, closing his eyes as midnight silk ticked his nose.

It had been a long day at work, and this was a delicious way to unwind, to move and breathe and just be. To just be Roy and Ed. There was nothing better than when he could close his eyes and fly with Roy tethering him safe. Roy always gave him this, always gave him this freedom and warmth and boundaries to the freedom so that he didn’t feel insecure. Sure they bickered, they still did, but that was on the surface only. There was this thing between them, an undercurrent of rightness and easy knowledge. That Ed would fly, but he would never fly too far.

If they went to the bar, Roy was coming home with Ed. If Ed went to the bar with the boys, he came home to Roy. It was just how it was. It was just that effortless between them.

‘How about now.’ Ed’s touch said as he let his automail pull him back to the seat in the tub, as he could feel Roy’s need pressing back against him, and Roy’s hands slid away from his chest to turn him in their embrace, tugging until Ed was between Roy’s thighs.

‘Now is good.’ Roy’s fingers in his hair told him as Roy’s mouth touched his.

The kiss was slow, languorous and tasted slightly like chlorine from fizzing of the bubbles misting onto their lips. Roy was arching against Ed, rocking his need against the blond’s, making Ed shudder silently, gasping with each sliding contact of their erections. The jets of the tub felt wonderful too, twisting around them, caressing like tiny feathers.

‘Want you in me.’ Roy’s touch told Ed as he twisted until he could rest his chin and chest against the edge of the tub, as flank rubbed against Ed’s need. Ed purred, moving against Roy’s ass gently, stroking slowly against the skin as he knew his lover liked best. It was rare that Roy invited Ed to top, but when he did, it was always good. Good for Ed /and/ Roy. ‘Now.’ Roy’s touch said again as he arched his shoulders and lower back against Ed persistently. He kept at it until Ed hooked a flesh hand over Roy’s shoulder while the other hand latched on to the edge of the tub underneath and between both of Roy’s.

‘I won’t leave you waiting.’ Ed’s hands sliding across Roy’s bare chest and caressing a nipple promised.

The hot water eased him in, and Roy gasped and shuddered, arching in mixed pleasure and discomfort underneath Ed. ‘I love you.’ Ed’s flesh hand spelled out across Roy’s chest as Ed began to move, using the tub and Roy as leverage.

‘I know. I love you too’ Roy said with his hips, moving back against Ed’s every thrust, arching and sometimes groaning.

When they came, both sated and limp, clinging to the edge of the tub, there was nothing to say, because they had already said it.


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