Elizabeth (bettle) wrote in fm_alchemist,

It makes you wonder...

You never see anybody at school in FMA. There are a lot of characters who should still be in high school, right?

Which reminded me of a list I made a while ago...

Bizzare things that would happen if FMA characters came to your school...

-The chorus would sing a song that would involve snapping the fingers, and Roy would just happen to be there...
-Scar would find the perfect Philosipher's Stone making oppurtunity in the dozens that were killed and mutilated in the chorus fire.
-Or as I like to say, CHIOR FIRE! It rhymes!

-All missing assignments would be blamed on Gluttony.
-Hughes would be an exception. He would blame everything on "Juliette Douglas".

-Scar would be stuffing state alchemists in their lockers.

-Nobody would sit with Marta at the lunch table after seeing her unhinge her jaw and swallow a hero sandwich whole.
-I doubt anybody would sit at Tucker's lunch table either.
-Don't even ask about Gluttony. His table would be gone in 45 seconds.

-In Technology class, Winry would pwn everybody.
-She would then throw a hammer at Ed.
-And it would miss his head because he was too short.
-The hammer would then knock Al's head off and cause mass chaos.

-Armstrong would kill everybody in dodgeball. Literally.

-Havoc and Hawkeye would be expelled on the first day for bringing cigarettes and guns to school.

-Envy would use his shapeshifting powers to diguise himself as his teacher, give himself extra credit, the see if the rumors were true that the staff lounge has a dance floor/swimming pool.

-Ed and Al would join the track team. They get a lot of training from the second opening theme, right?

-Science would be Kimbley's favorite class. ("When can we blow stuff up?")

Feel free to add on to the list.

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