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14 April 2006 @ 08:56 am
Fic: Pink (Roy/Ed) PG-13  
Title: Pink   [Kitty!verse part 3]
Author: tsu
: PG-13 (for language)
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Genre: Shonen-Ai, humor, future/AU
Summery: "Mr. Roy, I'm glad you're home.  You can have a talk with your son."
Disclaimer: I no not own FMA.   That's probably a good thing.

Fics that are a part of what I call my Kitty!verse are a continuing series of loosely connected ficlets of varying rating that take place a post series/manga timeline.  Started out as a one-shot, but these are kinda fun to write, so this is what happened, even if it's not exactly award-winning writing.  But it's something.  *shrugs*  (links to previous parts under the fake-ish cut)

Pink  )

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