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The meaning of alchemy

Title: the meaning of alchemy
author: lilfmagurl
raitng: PG
warnings: movie ending spoilers, sorry if the last part melts your brain, those are kinda like my theories ^^;;;;
A big group of people were standing in the graveyard, sniffing and mourning. They mourned and cried for the soul of Alfons Heindrich. Even though the music seemed cheerful, it was to give respect and nourisch the memory of him. Edward was in front of the people with his brother Alphonse. "Heindirch you fool...." he thought, he was his friend, his brother's alter self, his college buddy, or even family. He couldn't cry, he was too hurt to cry. He just watched Noa dance.
Twirl twirl twirl. Clap your hands, twirl, step step step, bend over, step step, twirl twirl, clap your hands.

Her dress and hair was flowing as she twirled. The dance itself seemed like it was flowing, it had a rythm, a melody, a cycle, a beat. That's when edward realized it. He realized what alchemy really was. It wasn't just a simple step. Alchemy was just like dancing, it had a gentle flow. But if you took a wrong step...then the whole dance would be ruined, the cycle would be broken. Everything around him was alchemy, everything had a certain beat, a cycle, it continued and went on and on. Alchemy wasn't extraordinary, it was something simple. The circle represented the cycle, and the runes were the steps. By clapping your hands and placing them on the circle, you would add your style to the dance. It wasn't just about creating weapons out of junk or destroying stuff. It was birth, life, death. Air, fire, water and earth, spirit mundi and anima, chaos....They all worked together...but if the chain was broken, if the serpent stopped biting it's own tail...
He looked at the grave, the smiling photograph of Heindrich. Then he looked at his automail. He was the one that broke the laws, he was the one that didn't understand the true meaning alchemy before. But now he knew it; birth, life and death...that was the dance.

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