takarifreak (takarifreak) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Yeah, since I'm a really whacko person who's suffered lack of sleep this week (long story, including a part about being called into work overnight for a 10 hour shift...resulting in me being up over 24 hours by the time said shift ended), so a lot of whacko things have entered my mind....


-Does anyone find it weird (yet cute and funny) that in ep 22, Hughes is wearing PINK PJ's with yellow chicks on them?  I guess he knows that REAL men wear Pink...XD  Now, if Armstrong would have been in those Pajamas (in his size, of course), I think I would seriously be found dead of a laughter-induced heart attack.

And of course, Bradley can be seen in light blue PJ's with little flowers...WTF man?  What IS it with these people and their PJ's?  

What's next, Bunny Pajamas for Roy?

-I wonder...who gave Ed "the talk"?  Ever since that thought poped into my brain, all I'm seeing is a hilarious crack-filled conversation that involves Roy...

-Ed pretty much wears the same thing throughout the series (with minor changes, which are unimportant for the sake of argument)...so, does he have this whole idential outfits hidden somewhere thing going on, or does he stand around in his underwear when he has to do laundry?  My warped mind is seeing him as the latter taking care of it at HQ, and someone walking in on it...and a midget ass-kicking ensues.

-This probably makes me cruel and sick...but I've imagined a scene between when Ed loses his limbs and gets his auto-mail...that invovles him attempting to climb down stairs on his own but instead falling flat on his face...and me laughing my ass off.

-Between eps 20-22 (or whatever), Ed goes from almost passing out from blood loss, then 10 minutes later, he's perfectly fine (abeit the huge gash that can still be seen).  WTF?  I swear, Ed would have to be dragged into death kicking and screaming...That would be a sight to see.

-With the amount of people who poke fun at Ed Being short...why don't said people insult Al for being, for lack of a better term (and manners on my part), A Talking Trash Can?  I would love to see Al be insulted and have them be knocked on their as in .5 seconds.

-Even though it would never happen...who would with a Winry Vs Izumi bitchfight?  Whoever it would be, I think we all know Ed would be dead if he were in teh same room at the time...

And I think I'll shut up before I make a TOTAL ass out of myself...


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