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12 April 2006 @ 08:26 pm
Crossposting as an excuse for research  
Alright. The semester is almost over, and like a fool I've procrastinated writing my research term paper until... now. What the heck can I research that I can write a quick paper about?

Well, duh. Anime. I decided that if I write a paper about anime, then I can rewatch Fullmetal Alchemist and call that research. Sweet.

Unfortunately, my brilliant topic had to be narrowed down to anime fan culture in North America. This means that I need to conduct actual research.

Can you all answer these questions for me?

a) Identify whether you're male or female

b) Explain (briefly) why you like anime and manga

c) If you're a girl, explain why you (may or may not) like shounen series

d) If you're a guy, explain why you (may or may not) like shoujo series, if your masculinity isn't greviously offended by admitting it

This is an informal survey and will never see a printer's press-- my sole object in conducting this survey is to pass my writing class. As such, although I may quote your responses in order to make a point in my paper, it will be anonymous and uncredited and only one other person in the world will ever see it. Thank heavens I don't actually want to publish this, or my university would expel my little hiney for being so unacademic.

x-posted like your Great Aunt Betty's china cat collection
Blinky: i saw God today.blnl2k2 on April 13th, 2006 02:57 am (UTC)
a) Identify whether you're male or female.
I'm female.
b) Explain (briefly) why you like anime and manga.
The plotlines and character developments in anime/manga are incredibly well done. In the stories there is real depth there... So a regular person like me can become much more attatched and moved by Tohru or Edward then by Dexter or Billy&Mandy.
c) If you're a girl, explain why you (may or may not) like shounen series.
I enjoy the roughness of it... In today's America, there are two stereotypes, girly-girl or manly-girl.... I think shounen manga is an easy way to express that you can accept and appreciate sometimes macho ideas but still want to read something as girly as Peach Girl.