gecen bir yemek yedik abi, of~~ (boopkit) wrote in fm_alchemist,
gecen bir yemek yedik abi, of~~

artdump ahoy.


the sum is 9, this time. i have downloaded "sketchbook" program, and its really good. (for pencil and lineart works)
first 8 one is oekaki, and the last one is my trial work for sketchbook program, edvy.
lets see;

i blame cowboy bebop soundtrack.

i like this one.

i dont like this one. excuses..

al,cat,edward ot3

lusto in the nite.

i dont like this too, but eh.

this took 122 mins. after reading a gd dj while listening to verdi's requiem does things to you.

the proportions sucks are a bit off, not my style at all, scriblled a little to know the program.

the lj cuts takes much more time than doing an oekaki.
comments are love.

enjoy desu~ ♥

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