c_b_syndrome (c_b_syndrome) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Unidentified Icons...

This seems like the best place to ask this...

I've amassed a nice collection of FMA and CBBP icons, but here's the problem... The icons managed to be saved to a disk, unfortunately my list of who to credit was accidentally deleted.

What I would like, is to find out who belongs to them, so that proper credit -can- be given. They're not being used in LiveJournal, but as small graphic decorations scattered throughout my personal webspace. Unfortunately, where I found them has also been lost and I can't locate the original sources. Either I'm looking in the wrong places, or not looking back far enough.

If you would be so kind as to look through A Short Obsession, and drop me a note, either here or in the email provided at the site to tell me who deserves credit for which icon, I would be eternally grateful.

EDIT: Added a new page to the site, just to index the icons and .gifs used. Here So you don't have to search.

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