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Waste Land/Chapter 5 [Ed/Envy]

Title: Waste Land [Chapter 5] (obvious nod to a certain Eliot poem)
Author: hieronymousb
Rating: R, but now inching closer to NC-17.
Genre: Multiple. Drama. Angst. Tragedy. Horror.
Spoilers: End of series.
Notes: Post-series; alternate future.
Beta: perivates
Pairing: Ed x Envy eventually. RLY.
Warnings: Erotic asphyxiation, UST so hard it hurts, violence, language, and all that fun stuff. And yes, this chapter has a distinctly sexual undertone, so all those of you who have been asking for smut can rest assured that lo and behold, Amber has not forgotten that this is eventually s'posed to be a pairing fic.
Count: 4156 [17296, total]

Previous parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

(He bit his lip, shoving the thought aside as he touched the ground, hoping that luck would lend him its wings, all the while silently praying for the failure of Murphy and all the damned rules which governed this strange and limited wasteland)


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