Emma (gretchen8642) wrote in fm_alchemist,

emma vs. square enix. round two.

so for those of you just tuning in, i called square enix up last week to bug em about brining over the third fma ps2 game.

i also pimped my petition! as seen here: http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?fmaps2ed&1

so i called em up again. this is what happened THIS time.

George: hi my name is george what is your name?
Emma: um.. my name is Emma, I called about a week ago asking if there were any plans to release the third fullmetal alchemist game to the us?
George: *long rant about how there should be an announcement on the website, if it is announced*
Emma: well I already checked the website and there wasn;t an announcement.. um, does that mean there aren’t any plans to release the game?
George: well maybe. I dunno, this kinda thing goes all the way to Japan so…
Emma: well actually I recently started an online petition to get the games brought over and I recently got over 100someodd signatures? If that’s any help?
George: yeah sure! That kinda thing is always great. Just send that and all other stuff of that sort to support@square-enix-usa.com and someone’ll see it, but you need to give it about a week to get processed.
Emma: I actually called last week and gave a representative named Roy all my contact information and told him I had a potential investment opportunity? But no one ever got back to me…
George: a square enix rep named Roy?
Emma: yeah
George: well, I don’t really have any information as to whether or not that got anywhere, but the more you send in, the better.
Emma: so about my investing group and the people I’m representing who would like to see the game brought over...?
George: the more they let the company know they’re interested, the more likely they are to bring it over.

The rest isn’t important. I’m intrigued.

square enix's number, once again (if you don't mind being on hold forever):


it would be so cool to see this happen. let's all work together for a better hagaren tomorrow!

and buy the existing games if you wanna see this one... big sales are the best indicator to bring over the last one! (even though fma is on the top three most popular game lists on the square enix site... wtf)

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